Possible Route for Windows in future???

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  1.    30 Jan 2018 #1

    Possible Route for Windows in future???

    I wonder if it would be possible to have windows open a site/programme in a specific browser in the future. For example, windows installer asks if I woulds like to open this in FF, IE, Edge and so on. Or a learning prompt when opening whatever clicking on a web site? Just a thought. I suppose the technicalities are immense?
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    Are you asking about webapps?

    The original iPhone didn't have a store as all content would be run through (some sort of) application run by the site or run in some JVM on the client. It sort of died a death (it was a good idea though) and now everyone downloads an app to do everything.

    If you mean can you set Firefox as your default browser in Windows then yes you can. There is a tutorial here Choose Default Apps in Windows 10 Apps Features Tutorials
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    No nothing like that, I have FF as present default trying out the 58.01 x 64 bit. I change defaults regularly when trying something out or when find fault. I was thinking of the future of windows where it could be possible to select which site opens on which browser. For example - I do a lot of cutting and pasting of paragraphs or such for web sites. In chrome, for example, and vivaldi, when I highlight text and cut it, when I then paste it it pastes the background too, a very VERY annoying occurrence. To fix that I would have to post it into notepad, then cut it again to paste text only. But in FF, IE or Edge this does not happen so I tend to use those when I want to cut something. Even emails which contain info I want do not cut properly in Chrome. By background I mean the area behind the immediate text, always white so I have black text with white background. I have mentioned this to Chrome several times but they have neither replied or fixed it.

    So I wondered my original post - can windows make it so that it remembers which browser I want to open which email or online text? eg: I open gmail and it says which browser do you want to open this in - and remember.
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    That is quite interesting - I was checking the new forum software in eightforums.com today and found if I copy/paste from one browser into the website it would drag all sorts of odd stuff (links/formatting etc) that the recipient website couldn't deal with.

    I guess it depends what Ctrl+C puts in the clipboard.

    As for your question, can you associate one specific document with one browser? I don't think so. I've no idea how anyway, sorry.
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    You can create shortcuts to sites in most browsers, and therefore could have a set of shortcuts in folder that opened different /preferred browsers for that site

    In chrome for example simply select the URL for the page you are on and drag it to the desktop - this produces a shortcut that can be edited/modified to suit

    With others you may need to manually create the shortcut using special syntax

    By the way I cannot foresee any of the browser makers allowing you to click on a link and have it open in a competitor's browser although the availability of things such as IETab for firefox and I think Chrome does give an idea of what is possible with add-ons
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    Hi barman, i have many web based links on my desktop and each and every one changes with the default.
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       30 Jan 2018 #7

    Check the help/manual for the various browsers to see if they have some type of invocation option Firefox %1 style or similar

    Here's an example TechBits: Shortcut to Open a URL With Your Non-Default Browser
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  8.    30 Jan 2018 #8

    I just tried making a shortcut with target "C:\Program Files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe" www.bbc.com
    and it opened the BBC website in internet explorer no problem.
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       30 Jan 2018 #9

    I use them all the time as some of our UK TV catch-up/streaming sites still use Silverlight or flash or whatever and so I create shortcuts to open in Edge or IE - move them to the all apps location and then access them as Apps on the start screen - I just wish Edge would not insist on displaying it's icon on shortcuts
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  10.    30 Jan 2018 #10

    hey! well done Barman - it worked. I created a shortcut to IE (as it was already on my desktop) and added as you suggested a space then the url of my email. I clicked apply and closed it, selected properties again, and changed icon to other than IE, and applied and closed. Now when I click on this, it goes directly to my email. This solves one problem, the cut and paste I mentioned above. BRILLIANT, now to look for others I want.
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