CUE v2.22.83 is will be live on our update server (which you can update through CUE). You can also download it on our website under downloads.

Here are the patch notes for this version of CUE:

CUE 2.22.83 Patch Notes

  • Dark Core RGB, Dark Core RGB SE, and K63 Wireless is now officially supported in CUE. Please ensure you download and update the firmware on each of these devices upon installation of the software.
    *For wireless devices, please ensure you unplug and replug dongle after a firmware update is completed as well as a power down and power up of the device to ensure changes are applied properly.
  • Resolved certain issues that may cause a crash upon a startup of CUE.
  • Resolved an issue with single color keyboards and KATAR related to lighting values being inputted manually.
  • Demo Mode now shows VOID PRO instead of VOID.
  • Demo Mode now shows GLAIVE RGB instead of SCIMITAR.
  • K55 RGB now supports a 104-key Korean layout.
  • Resolves various other minor bugs and issues.