Bree said:
Yes, see some of the replies in this recent thread.
Is it possible to still upgrade to W10 for free? - Windows 10 Forums
Interesting, my eyes are not the best.
I would have to build a new PC to use it. I originally got the win 7 OS to use for WMC on another PC, but we still only have one TV hooked up to a computer. I did find there is a way to run WMC on win10 winver 1809, I tested it and it runs perfectly.
Windows Media Center for Windows 10 - gHacks Tech News

I so far have only found one program that shows a product key, which was a key I used to install a win7 OS, it is called magicjelly bean. But I have only been running these things on a win7 PC. I need to boot up win10 to play with these and see what appears.
KeyFinder | Magical Jelly Bean

I did also find this, but it does not work on win7
Find Windows Product Key using CMD or PowerShell