Hi there

When I need to logon to several clients computers remotely I use the Citrix receiver software (Yes I know not the best solution for VPN's / VDI's but that's not my call).

Latest (Windows -- not the Citrix package) update -- start the receiver program - but nothing appears -- it never starts.

Before update -- works fine.

Citrix also have an update but didn't make any difference.

Probably a problem that very few on this board use but it's an annoyance -- the client's I.T help desk was as helpful as they could be but most of their "Permanent" employees using company supplied laptops are on W7 Enterprise.

I'm external and using my own laptop - I've even tested it disabling firewalls and sharing every possible directory etc on my system so it's not "permissions" etc. -- Citrix just never starts.

I've set up a W10 VM with the previous version (of Windows before latest update) running as OS - and temporarily disabled updates. Citrix is working fine on that. No prob whatsoever !!!! - Even works when W10 VM with that version is run on a Linux Host (technically Citrix not supported for this) but also works 100%. !!!!!!

Perhaps W10 Pro isn't quite ready for Prime time Enterprise use -- it's usually in things like networking where I have my main problems with Windows.

Anybody else on these Forums who logon on to a clients site remotely via Citrix receiver having problems with W10 - or even if it works OK -- please post your config etc.

Note that current Citrix also requires IE11 so I can't run on Firefox or other browsers for this application.

I don't want to have to rely on using VM's for accessing my clients network !!! as if there are any problems their I.T help desk won't be able to do anything - and I don't want to go back to installing W7 on the laptop.