I would like to start by saying, nice job overall to Microsoft. I did a clean install via USB with only a few minor problems. Everything works well as it should. : ) YAY This might be a 1st for Microsoft. lol

I only have Errors in my logs related to Cortana. Overall I think that's very good for a 1st release.
Cortana works just fine so I'm not going to post the error info now. I'm sure everyone else has the same errors logged for Cortana.

I have no other errors in my logs. I must say I'm impressed. I did have 2 programs that needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled. One was Skype, just fyi. I think it's because I failed to install all updates prior to instilling Skype.

If anyone figures out how to fix the Cortana Errors it would be great if you could post the info here. I don't expect anyone to jump right into it. I see many other people that are experiencing install problems And need help.