I am experiencing some display Problems with graphic programs like Blender or Photoshop.

I have updated my system from Win7 a few month ago. Everything was functioning smoothly before.

Since then, performance needing graphic programs have this problem:
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During scrolling, parts of the picture freezes and updating only if I move the scene again.
Other example if I select a part of a mesh, I can't see the selection marked, I have to move the picture again.
I hope I don't have to explain how disturbing this is...

Same phenomenon in Photoshop, after making some changes, I can't see whats happend, I have to take some action (like zooming in or out) to update the image I am seeing.

I have tried to update the graphic card drivers, everything should be up to date. (15.200.1065.0)
I have tried several tipps from around the internet, nothing helped.

Hope you have some ideas to solve this, I wouldn't be happy to downgrade back to Win7 in order to be able to work with graphic programs again...

Many thanks in advance!