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  1. Win Explorer:defining default columns for folders with Audio files in?

    Every time I open a folder with audio files in (wav, mp3), the folder opens with Name, # Title, etc.

    I want it to open to Name, File Type, Size etc. i.e. my own column layout.

    Is there a way...
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    Thanks... Even if the screen is locked? (I...

    Even if the screen is locked? (I leave work at 5pm, lock screen, and its stlll doing the copying.)
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    Is there an app that will disallow my Win10 desktop from "sleeping" ?

    I sometimes run my desktop overnight, copying from our network here at work.

    I've had issues where I've come in next morning and the desktop has put the network to sleep and put the USB drives to...
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    How to get a better "Browse for folder" dialog box - is it possible ?

    I have to move many files in a program which I am using.
    When I want to move a file, a dialog box pops up and asks me to browse to the folder where I'd like to put it.

    This dialog box is small...
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    [QUOTE=zbook;1993764]1) open reliability monitor...

    [QUOTE=zbook;1993764]1) open reliability monitor to check for entries related to unexpected shutdowns and restarts
    Reliability Monitor is the Best Windows Troubleshooting Tool You Aren’t Using...
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    I think its Windows Update

    I think its Windows Update
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    How do I prevent Win10 rebooting during the night ?

    I am copying a large amount of data to the network, and doing this overnight.

    Frustratingly, Windows 10 has decided to reboot a few times during the night and this has caused the copy to stop etc....
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    How to change color of just the bar of a window ?

    I am working in an audio application called Reaper.
    It has some nice color schemes that I can customize.
    However, the white bar at the top (shown in the picture below) I'd like not to be white.
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    Is there a program that will put a red circle at my mouse pointer ?

    I know in the control panel I can activate the mouse option "Show location of pointer when I press CTRL..."

    But I want a big red arrow to appear, or red circle to appear at my mouse location.
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    Yes, it did! I think the installer took a...

    Yes, it did! I think the installer took a restore point just before it attempted an install... thankfully . : )
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    thanks, I did actually. I didn't do the...

    thanks, I did actually. I didn't do the advanced setting but it did look for files etc that the installer might have left behind.
    I might look and see if there's a restore point just before my...
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    Microsoft Sharepoint installer won't install after I cancelled it once

    I wanted to install Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 and I downloaded the right installer for that.

    Halfway through its install I cancelled it because I wanted to custsomize the install.
    I restarted the...
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    Is there a better file-search utility than the one in Win Explorer ?

    The one in Windows Explorer is for too slow.
    I search for a file and it says "working on it..." for ages.

    Its much faster opening a CMD window and searching dir myfile*.* /s
    Is there a utility...
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    Way of getting Win Media Player to play MP4s without installing KLite?

    I am wanting to play MP4 (H264s) in Windows Media Player.

    Normally you have to download and install relevant codec packs, e.g. KLite codec pack basic.

    Is there an alternative to KLite, or just...
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    Thanks, I know Autohotkey so might go that route.

    Thanks, I know Autohotkey so might go that route.
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    How do I change the shortcut (hotkeys) for Windows Magnifyer ?

    I don't want it to be Left Win + - but just F2 for example.
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    Thanks all..... I have another win10 computer,...

    Thanks all..... I have another win10 computer, a desktop. I looked at the c:\users\default user folder.
    Its way bigger than the laptop one (laptop is the one having the issue).
    I am a bit...
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    Cannot create a new user (The User Profile Service failed the logon) ?

    I have a Dell laptop that seems to work fine.
    I did a hard drive check and seems OK.

    I created a new user in the control panel / users in the normal way.
    Went through all the security questions...
  19. thanks, I'll give it a try

    thanks, I'll give it a try
  20. How do I stop HDMI grabbing the audio and let it just have the video ?

    I want to use HDMI from my laptop to a monitor.
    However, I want to plug a speaker into my laptop for the audio.

    However, HDMI grabs both the video and the audio , - I just want it to grab the...
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    Windows Media Player 12 stopped working suddenly, wont play mp3 or wav

    I have WMP12 Win10 64bit.
    It was playing WAVs and MP3s fine, but suddenly stopped working.

    Cant find a WMP12 download anywhere to try reinstall.

    I also have asio4all on my computer but thats...
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    I think it did say something like 192.168.137.x...

    I think it did say something like 192.168.137.x
    So, basically I do have to enter a specific IP address for my desktop.
    And - what does that DNS address mean? I had the Google DNS in...
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    I connect to my laptops shard hostednetwork but I can't get Internet?

    I can connect OK to it and have set the right password OK, but it says , "No internet access".

    Do I have to set the IP address and DNS manually?
    How do I know whats the right IP address etc ?
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    Thanks , its only a couple months old.

    Thanks , its only a couple months old.
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    Mouse Scroll wheel works -sometimes- but not all the time :s ?

    My mouse wheel will work sometimes but not all the time.
    I am convinced that its not a hardware fault, but anyone else had issues with mice and Win10 ?

    (there is no special driver from manu...
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