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    BSOD: MEMORY MANAGEMENT during memtest64, v1 run.

    looks like we may be making progress, while running memtest64, V1, the pc , bsod. it didnt even finish one pass.227514, Im going to switch back to the other stick of ram.
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    No bsod; bootup, shutdown

    upon booting this morning , pc turned on and then getting to looking like it was going to go into windows, it shut off. collector scripts did finish. 227513
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    BSOD 2nd

    collector scripts had trouble running. asking perms to run power shell, selected yes, wouldnt finish windows updates.227486
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    Bsod unexpected kernal mode trap

    227484 ; crashed while gaming, ran all day 2 nd stick of ram. had to manually shutdown via pwr sw. ans then rebooted, 2 more BSOD. when i got back into OS, collector scripts had problems running.
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    Operational testing in progress, one stick seemed...

    Operational testing in progress, one stick seemed stable, no bsod. Did same things that generated bsod's before. Swapped to other stick now. testing in progress. defaults in bios [uefi]. no xms.
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    ok , 1 stick of ram in slot A2 as recommended by...

    ok , 1 stick of ram in slot A2 as recommended by MSI. Default bios settings {F2} as prompted when I booted after removing 1 stick of ram.
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    I have replaced the Ram once already, matched...

    I have replaced the Ram once already, matched pair, Corsair DDR4 2 X 8GB, CMK16GX4M2B3200C16, Timings 16 18 18 36. Bios [UEFI] sees it as 2100 Mhz, 15, 15, 36. I am suspecting it is a timing error...
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    I am really trying to get driver verifier re-search done so I comprehend what I am doing and will execute asap.

    another one. I am gonna stop posting.227297227300

    I got 3 more after this post....
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    New bsod: Critical structure corruption

    while sitting idle and with the firefox web browser open to Ten Forums. RANDOM CRASH. no other apps open.

    I am really hoping that by posting these in sequential order that people can have a place...
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    Bsod: Page fault in non paged area: Again


    Trying to follow through on instruction for driver verifier. another BSOD.

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    BSOD: Iqvw64e.sys file information reply

    Thanks Phil. I didnt search for the file and what it was part of. still trying to review last bsod in memory.dmp in windbg.

    Iqvw64e.sys file information

    The process known as Intel® Network...
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    Bsod: Page fault in non paged area

    JUST GOT THIS RIGHT AFTER I POSTED PRIOR. So frustrating. I didnt even have time to run windbg.

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    thank you for the reply Phil. I will get that setup and running.

    When checking e-mail this morning I got this new one. Havent seen this in all the trials and tribulations of trying to get this...
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    BSOD: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (50), arg4:0000000000000002

    Greetings and Salutations;

    Scratching my head. Never in all the 25+ years of building pc's have I ever had this many BSOD's. RANDOM. RE-SET, RE-IMAGED, RE-INSTALLED WINDOWS SO MANY TIMES. Now I...
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