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    Internet/Ethernet keeps disconnecting on my backup hard drive

    Very weird situation. Running 1909. Never had this happen before.

    If I boot from my primary drive I never lose internet ..
    However, if I boot from my backup drive.. which is an image of the...
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    Dual Monitor issues all of a sudden-Help

    I am not a noob...but currently really confused and feeling pretty dumb
    I have had a dual monitor setup for years with no issues. My primary monitor is an HP. I have a Samsung as a second monitor...
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    Created bootable USB-canít install /format destination disk

    Trying to install a fresh copy of 10 on a hard drive via bootable USB. Everything is fine until I get to pick the destination disc. It wonít let me install over old installation/partition but also...
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    CMD window closing as soon as opened

    This just started about two weeks ago. As soon as use the CMD command the window closes right away.
    Doing some research, I think possibly it occurred after my computer got infected with a miner. My...
  5. Cortana Mic Not Working-Mic is Functional and works with games/Google

    No idea what is going on. Cortana doesn't hear me when I hit the MIC option. Nothing registers at all.
    The mic is fully functional. It works on Google Voice search perfectly in Chrome and my games....
  6. Folder on Media Drive said "Not accessible" and now has disappeared.

    Very strange situation here. I have a 2GB WD Black Hard drive as a media drive in my PC. I have a 1GB primary drive with windows on it.
    I went to go view a video in my Movies Folder on the Media...
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    How do I share now that Homegroups are no longer available?

    Just updated to latest insider build. I have a desktop that acts as a server to my laptop connected to TV. Latest insider build no longer has Homegroup. Is there a work around ?
  8. Thread: Homegroup Control Panel Missing by pittguy578
    Forum: Network and Sharing
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    Homegroup Control Panel Missing

    I have had issues with Homegroup before but never this. I can no longer locate the Homegroup option in control panel or by a search. Literally it has disappeared. Any idea how to fix it ?
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    Desktop not accessible/available. Then on reboot all icons gone

    No idea what happened here or even if this is fixable.

    All of a sudden I got an error message that desktop not accessible despite it being available ten minutes before.

    I rolled back to prior...
  10. Sorry in the PC settings where it normally is....

    Sorry in the PC settings where it normally is. the same menu with Game Bar...Game Dvr right below it. When I click on Game Mode it doesn't give me option to enable it. Just learn more about it?
  11. Game option to enable...just says PC mode available..

    And an option to learn more? Any idea how to fix this?
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    External Hard Drive causing BSOD on Desktop-not laptop

    Very bizarre behavior. I have an old Mybook USB 2.0 for backup purposes like Resumes/Pictures.
    I am running the latest Windows build on both my laptop and desktop.

    I checked WD Utilties. Hard...
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    Bizarre-Black Screen After Reboot-nothing changed

    Specs 3770k
    16 GB ram
    gtx 960

    i have been running build with no issues
    i was using it tonight. Just rebooted it and get black login screen after the Bootup
    Nothing changed on my...
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    Thank you. Will give that a whirl. But is...

    Thank you. Will give that a whirl.

    But is there any way I can just properly format the new hard drive from command prompt inside recovery usb boot to make sure I get a clean install or no?
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    My mind is blown. I did BootRec/Scanos and it...

    My mind is blown. I did BootRec/Scanos and it showed 0 windows installations on that hard drive. Where did all of that info go ?

    i also did that and here Is readout

    drive 0 partition 1:...
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    Help-did fresh install via USB now no OS being found?

    I7 3770k
    GTX 960
    16 GB ram
    MSI z77 m power motherboard

    I did a fresh install of Windows 10 via usb to fix issues with my graphics card. It worked.
    I reinstalled all of my important programs...
  17. Games only have low resolution options despite card being detected.

    System MSI Z77 M Power (just newly installed. Old board crapped out)
    3770k at 4.2
    H100 cooler
    16 GB RAM
    GTX 960 2 GB

    I just installed new motherboard 3 days ago. I canít tell if I just...
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    Insider So is the install not working multiple times a...

    So is the install not working multiple times a common issue? I thought I was doing something wrong. I am getting failed installs on both my laptop and my desktop. I never had a single install issue...
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    Same update showing available despite having installed it already

    Never had this before
    I go to update to latest build. It tells me to install it. It installs. But when I come back to the update after the reboot it still says update available and asks me to...
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    Thank you for your service. Yes the bizarre...

    Thank you for your service.

    Yes the bizarre thing is that it does show up when I log in. I click on the device to activate it and it says can't activate and makes me go back to the Windows Store....
  21. Replies 8 Views 2,400

    Help-can't activate Insider Build Again after hardware change

    I have been part of the Insider Program.
    My old GB motherboard shorted out last week. I got a replacement.
    It is showing that my copy is no longer activated. I went through the troubleshooter....
  22. Edited final post. Looked lik BT folder has...

    Edited final post. Looked lik BT folder has changed and no ESD file in there like prior versions. Unsure what to do
  23. Failed Update and won't go back to old build automatically ..any fix?

    Unsure if anything I can do to fix this.
    Had latest insider build stick at 21% other night for hours.
    No option other than hard reset.

    After hard reset it says trying to continue update then I...
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    Help-latest build install stuck at 21%-can't power machine off

    No idea what to do here. I clicked to have latest build installed at midnight. Came back in room 8 hours later assuming done but it's not. Install stuck at 21%. Can't power machine off
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    I am trying to run it from file Explorer like I...

    I am trying to run it from file Explorer like I have always done.
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