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    Hi Cereberus, Sorted issue out.Bought another...

    Hi Cereberus,

    Sorted issue out.Bought another pair of bluetooth wireless headphones and used bluetooth transmitter for use with cd player only and have left original set of wireless connected and...
  2. Replies 2 Views 224

    Wireless Headphones-Bluetooth Transmitter

    I have a pair of bluetooth wireless headphones paired on my problem working fine and bought a bluetooth transmitter so i can use same headphones with my cd player.The only way to use...
  3. Thread: FireFox disables add-ons by treblefree
    Forum: Browsers and Email
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    Firefox-Add-ons...mine work ..except one

    I have Firefox 92.0 64 bit...all of the add-ons i have ,apart from one,...No Script,Ant Video Downloader,Ghostery,Custom Scrollbars ( and recently updated ) and few more all work.

    The add -on that...
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    Pc monitor no audio with camcorder connected

    Thanks for reply,
    I attached snapshot of the Creative usb powered speakers i you can see the cables are usb and 3.5mm audio jack input only ...nothing else.

    Anyway ...i have done...
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    Monitors with built in speakers

    Thanks for replies,

    I have found this one on Amazon which looks promising ....

    BenQ GW2480 24 Inch 1080p Eye Care LED IPS Monitor, Anti-Glare, HDMI, B.I. Sensor for Home Office - Black -...
  6. Replies 3 Views 293

    Pc monitors with built in speakers..any good ?

    I am thinking of purchasing a Pc monitor with built in speakers...are these any good in terms of audio ?... Is the audio tinny coming from built in speakers or is sound comparable with good quality...
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    Camcorder no audio

    Thanks for MaloK,

    I shall try your suggestions and do some experimenting.

    Thank you

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hello MaloK,
  8. Replies 4 Views 238

    No audio from pc monitor when camcorder connected

    This may not the right section concerning an issue i have ...anyway

    I have connected my video camcorder ( brought ages ago ) to my Asus K31ADE pc using RCA ( standard Red,Yellow and White RCA...
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    Mozilla Firefox top menu bar-possible to resize width ?

    Difficult to explain in words as i don't know what you would it...hence i include screen snapshot
  10. Replies 8 Views 405

    Windows 11...hmmm

    Thanks for replies Try3 / margrave55


    I regularly use Dell's Support Assistant for any updates ...drivers, etc and i used Windows 11 Pc compatibilty check tool a few weeks ago and DT 3670...
  11. Replies 8 Views 405

    Windows 11 ...Hmmm..i 'll leave upgrading for now

    After checking various reviews / issues in this Forum and Eleven Forum...i will not in a hurry in upgrading...only 1 of my 3 pcs meets the specifications for Windows 11....i shall wait until things...
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    HDMI port switches ....not sure which one to get

    I have one pc monitor with main pc connected via HDMI cable and usb keyboard and mouse ...standard set up.
    Have 2 other pc's with separate usb keyboard and mouse. If i want to use 2nd pc i have to...
  13. Thread: Video thumbnail overlays by treblefree
    Forum: Software and Apps
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    Video thumbnail overlays

    Thanks for reply Hdmi,

    After reading about other issues from members i came across a thread from a member ( can't remember who ) about thumbnail previews and Babelsoft Media Preview link was...
  14. Replies 6 Views 298

    Dvd movie transfer to external hard drive

    Thanks for replies,

    The information you provided was helpful.

    I use Freemake for video conversion but rarely use other options and checked out the DVD option -put a dvd in pc and Freemake...
  15. Replies 6 Views 298

    Transfering home created movie to external hard drive

    I have several home created dvd's which i would like to transfer to usb external hard drive for easy plug an play.
    Have checked on internet but some are a bit fiddly to use.

    I have noticed on...
  16. Thread: Video thumbnail overlays by treblefree
    Forum: Software and Apps
    Replies 2 Views 203

    Video thumbnail overlays

    I have tried various video thumbnail creating software programs ( free version and trial versions only )... all off them do not create MKV video thumbnail nor for .VID video files ...all other...
  17. Thread: Can't use my Anti-virus program it disappears? by treblefree
    Forum: AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security
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    Avg uninstalling

    Hi Artic,

    I had similar issues with Avg...tried Avg Clear previously known as AVG Remover about 2 years ago.
    Try what joeandmarg0 suggests first.Go into Control Panel-File Explorer...
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    Creating video subtitles..any easy way of doing this?

    Does anyone know any easy method of creating subtitles to overlay on videos ?
    There are various online subtitle editors like Veed which are not ideal as they mainly for uploading to YouTube,Facebook...
  19. Thread: legacy mode to UEFI-MBR to GPT by treblefree
    Forum: Drivers and Hardware
    Replies 3 Views 522

    legacy mode to UEFI-MBR to GPT

    I would to know how easy it is to change Legacy Mode to UEFI and change MBR to GPT ?

    I remember changing another this the command ...

    C: \ windows \ system32>MBR2GPT.EXE / convert /...
  20. Thread: Windows to Linux Mint by treblefree
    Forum: Installation and Upgrade
    Replies 8 Views 733

    Windows to Linux Mint

    Due to issues with Windows 11 ...i may decide to install Linux Mint on one of my three desktop pc's ...i've tried Linux Mint before as a newbie and was totally a new learning curve and this time i...
  21. Replies 15 Views 3,733

    Windows 11 health check

    Thanks for replies...i will just wait..i've checked my Asus BIOS and cannot see anything about TPM or Secure Boot in all options even in Advanced Mode and don't want to mess about with...
  22. Replies 15 Views 3,733

    Windows 11 Pc Health Check....Arrrgh !

    Right...I have 3 Desktop Pcs Asus K31ADE with Windows 10 Pro ( 8 years old ) , Hp Pavillion 500-242ea with Windows 10 Home (6years old)
    and Dell Inspiron 3670 with Windows 10 Home ( 1 Year Old )
  23. Replies 3 Views 548

    System image

    Thank you for reply Dalchina...i will do a system image a see how things go.
  24. Replies 3 Views 548

    Would System Image save browser profiles ?

    I am a newbie and on a learning mode regarding pc back ups...and would like to create a system image to a 500gb external hard drive of my pc using Aoemi Backupper ( Free version ) .

    What i would...
  25. Replies 30 Views 12,575

    Windows 11..

    Thanks for reply Dalchina...should have read previous posts about Windows 11...silly me..would not have posted my question otherwise.
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