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  1. 344033 - - - Updated - - - Mine is a...


    - - - Updated - - -

    Mine is a B450 MSI Tomahawk motherboard, and there's no such BIOS feature.
  2. not a keyboard problem. tried before. besides...

    not a keyboard problem. tried before.

    besides it also happens with the mouse. needs 3 clicks to wake up instead of 1.
  3. Setting to wake PC from sleep with SINGLE keypress / mouse click?

    I have 4 PCs. 3 of them are "normal" - they wake up in a single click / keyboard key press.

    The last one only starts waking after 3 clicks / keypresses. Is there a reg setting somewhere I need to...
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    I forgot to mention that I use this when there's...

    I forgot to mention that I use this when there's an error in an app that will cause it to launch hundreds of times and tries to hang the system too. I wonder is there a way to activate the cmd while...
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    Batch kill all processes with the same name

    I tried the apps on this site but it doesn't work as it says.

    For instance, I have 50 Chrome.exe processes. I don't want to tick them 1 by 1 to kill it. As long as it's named Chrome.exe, I want to...
  6. didn't work for me.. 343801

    didn't work for me..

  7. I couldn't...

    I couldn't find "Reliability History" here.
    no faults in dxdiag.

    Already did clean-up. Same devices shown preventing PC from going to sleep.
  8. How to prevent audio devices from blocking computer going to sleep?

    As per image below and question above :

    There's no option for me to toggle whether this device can prevent my PC from going to sleep.

    I also don't understand...
  9. How to reveal taskbar on right hand side when hidden (without Winkey)

    When ta
    skbar was at bottom, hovering my mouse over it would have revealed my hidden taskbar.

    When it's on the right side now, hovering over does nothing and I have to hit Win to reveal it.
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    just curious - win11 has this native feature...

    just curious - win11 has this native feature right?
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    Snap 2 windows with uneven ratios (75% to 25%)

    Instead of an even split between 2 windows, how do I get my browser to occupy more screen space compared to my 2ⁿᵈ window in 1 hotkey?
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    I specifically want to use the keyboard, not...

    I specifically want to use the keyboard, not power button.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Because I want to wake it up with 1 keypress, not 2.
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    Wake computer up using ONE key rather than two or more?

    Please note I'm not asking how to wake PC up with keyboard/mouse.

    I noticed on different PCs, it takes a different number of keypresses to wake the PC up. On mine, it takes at least twice on any...
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    how find lifetime power on hours pc (not hard drive!)

    As above. hard drives may be changed, so I want to know if there's another way of finding out how many years the PC has been used.

    A similar utility for monitors will be great too.
  15. There is, but it's adjusted through hardware...

    There is, but it's adjusted through hardware buttons which are deep in the menu. I'm looking for a shortcut. It's a korean off-brand.
  16. How to adjust Desktop Monitor brightness via hotkeys or win10 shortcut

    tried all methods below and it didn't work: 7 ways to adjust the screen brightness in Windows 10 | Digital Citizen

    Any other suggestions?
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    Pairing Failed on Your Phone Companion with Win10

    Using P40 Pro here. Have tried this but it still doesn't pair. Any other alternative?

    How to Fix Phone Companion App Not Working Issue | "Phone Companion" Not Open Problem in Android - YouTube
  18. Desktop recently doesn't sleep by itself despite given a 3-min sleep

    found this. I don't have any new USB keyboard/mouse but only recently it started not to sleep by itself. any idea how to solve it?
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    indeed it did not help.. any other suggestions?

    indeed it did not help.. any other
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    Desktop refuses to download/install latest cumulative H2 update?

    any idea how I can overcome this? I also tried manually downloading and installing from microsoft catalog, but to no avail.
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    Bouncing it up!

    Bouncing it up!
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    to be extremely clear, ctrl+space does NOT switch...

    to be extremely clear, ctrl+space does NOT switch from mode 2 to 3. another key does, and I just want to know what that key is.
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    Hi, The issue is NOT with ctrl+space toggling...


    The issue is NOT with ctrl+space toggling the language. ctrl+space works as intended but as you can see from my original post, there are now 3 "modes" when in fact there should only be 2. I...
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    How to prevent language from switching in alternate mode?

    As per image, by default Windows is in English input mode.


    When I hit Ctrl+Space, it shows me this:


    However sometimes when typing halfway, it will toggle to English,...
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    Anybody know s please?

    Anybody know
    s please?
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