It seems Windows 10 throws up any number of issues with each update release. Over the last month or so (since version 1607, build 14393-17xx to be precise), my system"s been having issues resuming from an overnight hibernation (the regular sleep/hibernate cycles I put the system through work just fine). It can take anywhere between a few tens of minutes to an hour or more for it to resume to the login screen. In a worst case scenario it simply hangs with the only way out being a hard powerdown or letting the battery drain out.

An upgrade to the 1703 version made little difference and I have since upgraded (clean install) to 1709 but the issue persists.

I could mange to track down the problem to multiple services going bonkers at startup. The event log lists any number of services, vserv, cdpsvc, bluettoth service, wsearch, bitdefender related services, Dcom svcs etc. to name a few with each service taking upwards of 30000ms to 600000ms to respond/fail at startup. Although, I tried fixing a couple of Dcom related errors (local activation permission denied) by making suitable changes in the registry and subsequently in Component Services, nothing seems to have an effect. The errors persist. As for the other services (which change every time), I'm really in a fix as to how to go about it. I've also tried disabling 'fast boot' in the settings without any luck.

Clearly, the issue is with the OS itself (changes made since 1607 version) since even a clean install hasn't resolved the slow boot. It's been my daily practice to put the system to sleep/hibernate for a good 6+ years without any issues (other than Bluetooth related) until now.

Event logs are attached for your reference below.

I would appreciate any advice.