Windows 10: Laptop feels like its going in slow mode but can't find anything wrong Solved

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  1.    26 Nov 2017 #1

    Laptop feels like its going in slow mode but can't find anything wrong

    Hello people on tenforums, I am losing my mind, and I am deferring to your expertise. About a year and a half ago I got my mother a Dell Inspiron 15 7569 2-in-1. This computer, being a typical Dell, started showing issues as soon as I told the Dell where they can sell their extended warranty. It was subtle at first, a few crackles in the audio, excessive slow down under load, didn't bother my mother. Eventually all sound coming through the internal speakers sounded like it was going at one half speed, and filled with static, the computer was slowing down. The slowing down wasn't bothering her, the audio interfered with her work so she bought an external portable speaker set, and they worked, until the computer reached an even slower stage and the audio started having issues with audio from the 3.5mm port. At this point I reinstalled Windows, I first used the Windows refresh function to keep the data, still having the same issues, so I did a completely clean install. Still the same issue. I decided it's the hardware, the hinges broke anyways so those had to be replaced regardless. Bought a new motherboard because that would get the motherboard, audio card, and CPU all at once (and of course a back cover with hinges and a new antenna). Replaced them all, same issues. Replaced the RAM, same issues. I put her SSD in my laptop (since its an M.2 Sata III SSD) and no issues. I couldn't test another drive in her computer because the only other M.2 Drive I have is NVMe and her laptop didn't see it, since it doesn't support NVMe. But nothing I did changed anything. The sound almost sounds acceptable through the aux port, if the computer is using absolute minimal resources, and playing a file off the SSD. As soon as you do anything else, audio starts screwing up. Apps take forever to open, respond, web pages take 10 times longer to load than on any other device. Just for shits and giggles I booted up into Ubuntu MATE live, no issues. Windows is entirely updated, even not updated, I tried the latest generic audio drivers, I tried going back as far as a year and a half for the drivers. I'm not sure what to do. Installing intel graphic drivers is also nearly impossible, it wont install them over the Dell ones, but every time I uninstall the Dell ones windows installs them right back, even offline or when I kill Windows updates. I'm lost, completely and utterly lost. I have never seen this. It seems like it might be the CPU not being able to function under load in Windows, but that would mean thats the case on this new motherboard I bought too. Oh and the battery is 100% dead after a year. Wont hold a charge enough to even start up the computer.
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  2. Masterchiefxx17's Avatar
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       26 Nov 2017 #2

    What sort of processor is running in the laptop? How much memory does the computer have?

    When you reinstalled Windows, did you use the Dell recovery partition or a fresh image?
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  3.    27 Nov 2017 #3

    It's an i7-7500U, 12Gigs of DDR4. The install was from a windows media creator iso. Windows 10 x64.
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  4. MrHudson's Avatar
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       27 Nov 2017 #4

    Have you updated all the drivers. You can download from iobit their Driver Booster and update some critical drivers, and use Drive Easy to update some more.
    For browsing, yea Edge does seem to take a while to load.
    Sound, look in Device Manager and check audio, my sound was reverbing, I have two HD Audio's, a Intel HD Audio and Realtek HD Audio.
    While in Device Manager,, look to see if there is any yellow triangles, if you have some, drivers out of date. some drivers can be updated from the Device Manager.
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  5.    28 Nov 2017 #5

    Every single driver that could be updated has been updated. Every single driver that could be uninstalled has been uninstalled. Every single driver that could be downgraded to the point a year and a half ago when this computer was new and was working fine, has been downgraded. It really doesn't matter what I run its slow, Edge, Firefox, IE, Chrome, everything is trash. The start menu, file explorer, office, adobe products, does not matter. The only thing that seems to be at normal speed is booting into windows. The log in screen is hit or miss, sometimes it will lag, sometimes it wont.
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       28 Nov 2017 #6

    From what you describe, sounds like there is a virus/tracking cookie attached to the CPU. the reinstalling and clean install should have taken care of that.
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  7.    28 Nov 2017 #7

    MrHudson said: View Post
    From what you describe, sounds like there is a virus/tracking cookie attached to the CPU. the reinstalling and clean install should have taken care of that.
    Quite apart from what a "tracking cookie attached to the CPU" may be, if you read the first post they did...
    DeathShot said: View Post
    At this point I reinstalled Windows, I first used the Windows refresh function to keep the data, still having the same issues, so I did a completely clean install.
    Unless you are just commiserating of course.

    As Linux works this means it isn't hardware. As clean install of Windows doesn't work this means some software or driver either part of Windows or downloaded via Windows Update is the problem.

    What happens if you do clean install (using Windows USB/DVD Download Tool as you said you did before) and don't connect to internet?

    Does it work until you connect?
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       28 Nov 2017 #8

    What OS is it, X64 or X32?
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  9.    28 Nov 2017 #9

    ok I have few hints :
    1 - Switch Rams
    2 - Reset Bios
    3 - Upgrade to windows Creators Fall 1709+
    4 - Disable Device Driver Updates Through Windows Update (If drivers keep pushing still upgrade to Pro version of windows and disable again)
    5 - Disable System Restore
    6 - Uninstall and Delete Dell Sound And Video Drivers from both Add/Remove Programs & Device Manager
    7 - Install Latest Sound And Video Drivers from Intel / Nvidia / Realtek official website
    8 - Install Intel's Chipset Driver from Intel
    9 - Install Intel's IME from here
    10 - Do Not use any driver updater like IO-Byte / Driver Easy etc
    11 - Set Windows Virtual Memory to manual , both Minimum and Max Value to exact size of ram

    If these wont help nothing will
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  10.    28 Nov 2017 #10

    I appreciate the help everyone gave. I did do all the standard hardware troubleshooting, not a piece of hardware I did not replace, except one.... you ready for this? The power adapter. I noticed the effects weren't as bad when I was just running a music file off the computer, but as soon as I tried to multitask or run a video or anything it started acting up. The CPU (which I replaced with the motherboard) wasn't being maxed out, so i figured its a clocking issue. Checked the bios, the only thing off about it was the communication error with the power adapter. I took the one from my laptop and plugged it in, battery started charging, everything was running fine. My guess is that something inside the power adapter got messed up (even though it both looks and tests out fine) and the computer shunted the battery to protect it, and only pulled minimum power, which it did by throttling the CPU. I guess my hope is that someone else who runs into this issue with their laptop sees this and tries a different power adapter. I have never in my life thought an external peripheral (as the power supply is on a laptop) could do this. Again, thank you for everyone who spent time checking out this thread and replying. I appreciate all the support.
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