Windows 10: TEST created two years ago to get rid of Windows.old

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    TEST created two years ago to get rid of Windows.old

    Two years ago, Microsoft Support slipped over onto my computer to get rid of Windows.old that didn't disappear after the thirty day thingy. They created a TEST somehow and for whatever reason and put the Windows.old over into that Folder. Today, I happened to light onto that Folder and noticed there is zero contents in the Windows.old Folder and in the subdirectories. My question is, is it safe to remove that TEST Folder they created that does have other stuff in it, taking up about 200 MB's. And if it is indeed safe to remove it, is there a particular way to do it.
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    Edit: Reread your question, I would rename or delete that folder and leave it for a few days, If you delete it leave it in the recycle bin for a few days just to be on the safe side, Then permanently delete it.

    Yes it is safe To delete that folder, It is fairly easy.

    There is a tutorial written by Brink on Ten-forums that should help you out.
    Delete Windows.old Folder in Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials

    If you have problems tell us we will help.
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    Thanks for the reply. I guess I wasn't specific enough in my original question. I had meant to say "is it safe to delete the Folder called TEST which within that Folder is Windows.old but a bunch of other stuff, such as Appdata / Application Data / Local settings / Nethood / Start Menu etc etc."
    Everything in there is marked 2014-12-05 except Windows.old which is dated 2016-08-25 AND a NTUSER.DAT and get a load of this! This one is dated 2017-11-13. Yet, when I right click on that file, I get a different date showing 2014-12-05 but modified 2017-11-16. It's becoming more weird all the time. My question furthermore would be, what is a file that new doing in here?
    I seem to remember her creating another account on this system, moving that stuff over there and then deleting the new account that was created. She told me the Windows.old Folder would self destruct within thirty days but that's two years ago and it's still there but zero contents.
    I have this phobia of removing anything right now but was wondering if it was actually just garbage hanging around for nothing. I would think because of two major updates since then, it should be ok. So would you say the whole Folder called TEST still would be safe to remove?
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    Yes I would delete it.

    If you really want to make sure there is no problems just rename the folder and if all is well after a couple of days you can delete it.
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    Ok, thanks for the response. While I've got you here, I notice (might have mentioned this in another thread on this forum) that the Windows.old Folder was partially deleted several days back. In other words, I noticed I had 19 plus Gigs restored. But the Folder remains with zero contents although there are files in it. Not sure why it says 0 bytes.
    I noticed at an Computer store today, 6 or so laptops that had upgraded to the Creators Fall Update had the same thing showing. The Windows.old Folder was still on each of those machines but each showed 0 contents.
    Any reason why Microsoft is doing it this way AND I've two other machines here that have totally wiped out the Windows.old Folder. Again, why is that?
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    That files in folder remains could be just links, not actual files. (that is one possible explanation).

    Why MS (or Windows) does it? Could be bug, could be that in some occasions, files are left in Windows.old that couldn't be copied to new locations. Too many possibilities.

    I would recommend backup before you manually delete this folder (if system can't do it with system tools..). Make a Macrium image (it is a good idea anyhow) and delete it.

    If you get message that folder couldn't be deleted: Open command prompt (admin)

    RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\windows.old
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    I have since used the Disk Cleanup in Administrative Mode and it seemed to clear out what little bit of files was in there. Now looking at the Windows.old, it is as you say, just Links with nothing in there at all. I see in Settings / Storage / Temporary Files, there is but 76.0 KB's there. It's difficult to see how removing this now would have drastic results on the system but I'm going to leave it alone. I've still got close to two weeks before the 30 or 31 days are up WHICH might remove it. Otherwise, it's an empty Folder (or nearly an empty Folder) with a massive 76.0 KB's in there. I can live with that even if it doesn't self destruct in another couple weeks.
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    If disk cleanup didn't remove the folder, I doubt system will do (after 30 days or so...) Making backup Image is always a good idea, if you don't have any. It is quick and cheap, but pure luxury, if something goes wrong
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    Agreed. Thanks for the suggestion!
    (Oh do permit me to edit this ... I did get rid of the Windows.old Folder. It was a complex idea but it worked. I hid the Folder)
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