CPU running hotter since installing Fall Creators Update

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    CPU running hotter since installing Fall Creators Update

    I installed the Fall Creators Update a couple of days ago. And ever since, my CPU (AMD FX-8320) has been running temperatures about 4 or 5 degrees Celsius warmer than before, as if it's doing some long CPU-intensive job. But the Task Manager shows nothing of the sort.

    With the new Task Manager History feature, I saw that Cortana has managed to use more than 6 minutes of CPU time per day. Is that normal? Could that be what's causing my CPU to run hotter? Or maybe the Indexing Service or Norton Antivirus has gone crazy?

    I tried running the CPU cooler fan and case fans on high speed, but even that doesn't bring down my CPU's "fever."

    Any ideas? It's annoying because the CPU and case fans are responding to the higher CPU temps by running faster, which has made them noisier.
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    The web is filled with loads of people complaining including me , symptoms include : heat , sluggish performance , blue screens , high cpu usage , intensively larger swap file and lots more .

    There are few recommendations here and there :

    But honestly I tried all these with minimal improvement .

    Here is my theory about it though , Microsoft is trying so hard to copy Android (Linux) techniques of boot speed ups and power management , of these :

    1 - Optimizing CPU use of running tasks to consume less battery by "Capping Processes" running in the back ground (Copying Samsung's "Power Saving" mode)
    2 - Integrating "Power Mode" on OS level replacing manufacturers' power manager (Copying Android's "Battery Saving" mode)
    3 - Adopting "Fast Booting" by pre-loading or caching to disk (Similar to hibernation) current open programs + startup programs (Copying Android's "Fast Boot")
    4 - "Optimizing Video Playback" by lowering down rendered resolution and stretching output (Copying Android's "AwesomePlayer" rendering mode)

    All the above are still either work in progress , beta , require updated drivers by manufacturers that were hardly ready for adopting the approach where they have to update all their drivers to catch up , or lastly the approach would only benefit from SSD setups but might be quite hindered by HDD performance and the result came quite the opposite (CPUs and HDDs now have to work more to catch up with all these tasks) .

    Basically we all need to keep an eye for updated drivers or Microsoft patches / updates / upgrades / releases to trends above which I believe is going to take some time because apparently PC manufacturers development pace do not come close to Mobile manufacturers hence "Creators Fall"...
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    A couple of thoughts- it looks like yours may have come with Win 7 ('cos your specs list that). (I've not checked your MB).
    If so, could be that there are low level driver incompatibilities so thermal management isn't what it should be.

    Secondly, thinking of Cortana, do you have 'Hey Cortana' enabled? Try disabling it.

    Note- separate the indexing service from Cortana. The indexing service should back off (not run) if any significant activity, and anyway only run if sthg to index. That is used by file explorer search and by Cortana, the latter being a front end (and can be a poor way to get search results in my opinion).
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    Thanks for your replies.

    And thanks for reminding me to update my profile. I don't have that Windows 7 PC anymore. My PC now is a custom desktop that I built for myself in 2016. I did a clean install of the Anniversary Update version of Windows 10 on it.

    Anyway, it looks like my PC's fever has broken, as of around 10 PM last night. So whatever heavy processing was taking place seems to have ended by itself.

    Maybe it was just Norton Antivirus freaking out about all this new software and having to scan it all?

    Or does Windows 10 itself do some kind of heavy processing immediately after a major update like the Creators Update is installed? Anyone know what Windows 10 does after a major update like this is installed?
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    After the basic upgrade, there's another update. But you would see internet and disk activity, which you don't mention.

    Likewise, if your AV was scanning, you'd see that in the task manager. But you don't mention that.

    And you might consider this, but you would see disk activity... which you're not reporting.
    Open Task Scheduler. Under Microsoft->Windows->Customer Experience Improvement Program. Right click->disable the 2 tasks.

    You don't need them and been known to cause problems. MS collect data and send it in the background background.

    This is part of my optimization after Windows install. @topgundcp
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    I did see a second but much smaller update with plenty of net activity (tied up my DSL line as usual). But my computer's fever persisted long after that second update ended.

    Hey, as long as the problem seems to have resolved itself, I might as well just let it go.
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