Windows 10: Fall Creators Update poor performance/lagginess FIX

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    Windows 10 x64 Home 1703
       03 Dec 2017 #11

    While it might not be the same, I had a similar problem when I wanted to first upgrade to Creators Update, I have a piece of software called Clip Studio Paint, which happens to work fairly good, except when I attempted to upgrade middle this year, the zoom operations were unbearable slow (while they were working good in AU). Celsys had to release an update, and that fixed the issue.

    The point here is that, in CU they introduced a new driver model, and new ways to render fonts in the OS, which, of course, affected this software, because they were using a method of cleartype in the titlebar that was broken in CU (that made zoom operations laggy, as soon as you disabled the titlebar prior to the software update, all was good). It's supposed that Windows 10 was introducing new features to make it easier for users, not for the worse.

    As I posted in a news thread, the real problem is that they are releasing upgrades way too fast, and it's clear Microsoft coders are unable to debug and test new features in 6 months, they simply can't, and has been demonstrated every time they release a feature upgrade, all of this feature upgrades come with bugs, problems or, in the worst cases, BSODs, crashes and system features rendered useless (Cortana, Start Menu, Cleartype, DirectX 11...)

    If they released an upgrade once a year, that would give them enough time to test and debug possible bugs, as well as finally get rid of old bugs that they NEVER fix, because they are too busy adding new stuff you will probably never use in the near future, and of course, introducing new bugs. (I mean... is it normal the first account you create to setup windows come out corrupted out of the box, and that you need to create another one you you can get basic stuff like libraries and search function to work correctly?)

    If they continue this trend, they will just break Windows... I mean... is it possible that is easier for a phone to upgrade to a major version of Android without bugs and issues than it is for a PC/Laptop/whatever? And yeah, I'm aware that Android is posibly simpler to maintain than Windows... that's why they need more time to test stuff and release, this 6 month thing is just insane. (and my reason I'm just skipping 1709 altogether...)

    Just my two cents in the matter.
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  2.    03 Dec 2017 #12

    I'd do a clean install of FCU and see if you experience a improvement.
    Also do check for updated drivers and software.
    After all that I bet your problem goes away.
    Every 6 month's is a new version of Windows 10 basically and things change and new features are given.
    I personally do a clean install with every major update. I/E; Anniversory, Creators, Fall Creators, etc.
    Steps I'd do it in after you download and save any newer drivers and software.
    1. Clean install Windows after formatting and deleting the 4 partitions (if you have a newer pc with a UEFI).
    2. Update Store app's and run Windows Update until no updates are found.
    3. Install all your drivers, rebooting after each one.
    4.Configure how you want Windows. I/E: Power Settings, Privacy Settings, etc.
    5. Install and configure your software and games if you play them.
    6. If you have a ssd, restart your pc without logging in 8 times. On the 8th restart log into Windows.
    That speeds up your startup time a little bit.
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  3.    20 Dec 2017 #13

    I registered here just to say

    THANK YOU!!!

    As I always do, when a new version of Windows is released, I take the time to back up all my files and settings, format my OS drive and install Windows and all my programs cleanly. It gives me the chance to pare back to only my most essential programs, not installing ones I've not found useful in the preceding year.

    After the Fall Creator's Update, I definitely noticed a significant hit in general UI performance. Some programs were effected more than others, but overall, it ranged from very frustrating to rendering some virtually unusable. My main 3D program had horrible UI lag, as did Photoshop. Just navigating around Windows was slow and choppy, windows took seconds to open, making file selections on the desktop took seconds to start drawing the selection box. Edge became unusable, typing lagged 3 to 4 seconds from what was being input. I'm running dual 10 core Xeons, 32 gigs of ram, a new GTX 1070 and SSDs, yet my system literally felt like a 10 year old laptop straining to run a version of Windows is was never designed to run.

    It got so bad that I had decided to take time over the holidays to reinstall the previous version of Windows. I gave searching for a solution another try and came across this. One reboot and my system now seems fully back to normal.

    I get the caution with respect to disabling a bit of malware protection, but it really was rendering my system almost unusable. And as I need to produce work on a daily basis, it was seriously impacting that work. I do have other malware protection in effect, so the slight increase in risk is hopefully offset, and even if not, living with the performance hit just wasn't feasible.

    Thank you so much for posting this solution. Hopefully Microsoft finds an alternate way to address this vulnerability that doesn't entail such a horrific performance hit.
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