How long to keep computer switched on?

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  1.    16 Oct 2017 #21

    @ runnerbean
    I leave things on, because my vintage does not take kindly to much bending to pull plugs. More importantly some ( though rarer now) some items lose their settings too easily if powered off. My PVR's updating of channel, firmware and erasure of stale files is done @ 3 a.m.
    Like most I like my sleep.
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  2.    16 Oct 2017 #22

    I used to work for a company( from 92 to 2016) that had hundreds of desktop pc's and everyone was left on 24/7 and never cleaned ever and the tech's would only do something when one broke which was not very often......And personally knowing the tech's they told me the most replaced parts were PSU,memory,hdd and alot of keyboards.

    Personally myself of all the pc's I have ever had(Built my first desktop in around 2000) I put them in sleep mode when not using them.....And for me the only things that ever went bad on the probably 10 pc's I have owned over the years was 1 keyboard and some old memory I actually got from work.

    Currently I have 4 pc's at my house 2 HP's that were bought cheap and then modified and 2 home builds.
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  3.    16 Oct 2017 #23

    I can't believe how many of you are content with the fire risk, being unkind to the planet and the damage to your wallets!
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  4.    16 Oct 2017 #24

    Steve C said: View Post
    I can't believe how many of you are content with the fire risk, being unkind to the planet and the damage to your wallets!
    Fire risk is on a level of light bulb. Damage to wallet, negligible, I heat house on electricity and US president canceled world saving climate control treaty.
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       16 Oct 2017 #25

    As a pro I have a need to have my PC's accessible remotely 24/7/365 so leave them running ( as headless units as the Monitors are switched off when I'm not sat in front of them ),

    I regularly reboot all systems, generally Immediately before and after an update or new software is installed, and also If i feel the system needs it .

    The Reboot before an update is a system that I was introduced to many years ago, and is there to prove that the system is in a bootable condition before the application of the update,and that any boot problems after the update are due to that update. The reboot after the update is also something that is mandatory, even when Microsoft deems a reboot unnecessary just for peace of mind that there is not any potential issue lurking ready to appear on the next reboot
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  6.    16 Oct 2017 #26

    On the matter of saving the planet, I have my doubts that a lot of figures quoted by the ecological warriors for power usage are kept u.t.d. A convenience for them, indeed; of course one never hears from them about deforestation, which does as much, if not more to aid climate change disastrously e.g. the Sierra Leone mudslide, which killed 1000+.
    I'm careful, but desire some comfort in my few remaining years
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  7.    16 Oct 2017 #27

    I tested this once with a kill-a-watt meter and for more of a gaming rig, I was estimating about $20-$25 a month to run it around the clock.
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       16 Oct 2017 #28

    Samuria said: View Post
    Most parts break on startup due to heat change going from cold to hot its less likely to fail if left on
    This may have been true in the 90's when there were no SSD'd and with PC's purchased at Wallmart but modern computers will not be damaged when turned off and on. Do you leave your TV on 24 X 7 probably not. I put my PC to sleep when not in use for more than a few hours and when I go to sleep so does my PC.
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  9.    16 Oct 2017 #29

    Josey Wales said: View Post
    Do you leave your TV on 24 X 7 probably not.
    Actually, yes. When you press the standard power key on TVs from about the last decade or two, they don't really power all the way off. It's more of a sleep function. You have to actually unplug them to power most of them all the way off. Think about it. In order for a TV to turn on when you press the infrared remote power key - it already has to have some circuits on and running in order to receive and act on the command from the remote.

    And that's one reason I say "hooey" when it is stated that if you get more then two years life out of a capacitor you are lucky. There are a lot of circuits in standard household equipment that are powered on 24/7, such as anything with an infrared remote and most them last a lot longer than 2-3 years.
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       16 Oct 2017 #30

    We have a PC at work that we use as an 'engine' to run all our programs for all Staff in Aust & NZ. This PC is never turned off.
    There have been zero problems with leaving it on 24/7.
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