Windows 10: Bad blocks on Toshiba HDD & Win10 OS probs Solved

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    Bad blocks on Toshiba HDD & Win10 OS probs

    My 2 year old Toshiba notebook started taking 5 - 10 minutes to boot last week. The Windows 10 system log file reports dozens of Harddisk0\DR0 bad blocks. After the system boots the Windows menu doesn't open, though its context menu does. Programs launch from the taskbar, though the icon for Edge is gone. I'm able to run other programs pretty successfully by navigating to their executables.

    I ran the copy of Data Lifeguard Diagnostic that came installed, but in less than an hour it aborted complaining it found too many bad sectors. I tried booting the most recent Ultimate Boot CD and running the utility from there, but maybe because I have to change UEFI boot to CSM boot in bios/setup in order to boot from an optical disk, the utility didn't find any compatible drives.

    At this point I have a couple questions I'm hoping the good people here might be able to answer.

    * Is anyone aware of a utility I can boot off of that might be able to scan and repair this Toshiba MQ01ABD100:TI1071800E HDD?

    * And my hopes are not high for this one: Do you think there is any chance the OS can be repaired. I ran sfc /scannow, but it failed after 5 - 10 minutes,

    After backing up some data, I now find Windows 10 wants to update on shutdown. I'm afraid that could make matters worse. I've googled for ways to shut down without applying the updates. The basic option "Shut down" isn't there on the Alt + F4 menu. And I'm not comfortable with deleting C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. I'll just leave the system running and check back to see if anyone has a suggestion on this too.

    Thanks for any feedback on all this.
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    Please click on the My computer section below your user name to update the computer specifications:
    Also update information about windows version and build.

    How To Fill Out Your System Specs
    How To Fill Out Your System Specs
    System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums:
    System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums Windows 10 General Tips Tutorials
    In the left corner below in your post you find 'My System Specs'.
    After clicking it you can find a link a little below that says 'Update your System Spec', click on this link to get to the page where you can fill in your system specs.
    System Info - See Your System Specs - Windows 7 Help Forums

    This is one site that repairs HD. Nowadays though with the lower cost of drives why not get a new one and not worry about the next corruption?

    There could be operating system partition files or important registry files that could get impacted by the bad blocks and make it an un-bootable drive. So hopefully you have all of the files backed up to another drive or to the cloud.

    To reconfirm the drive problems you can use Sea tools for windows which has 3 types of tests: SMART, short, and long generic.
    How to use SeaTools for Windows
    How to use SeaTools for Windows

    In case you have not yet backed up your files you can use this link which has a rescue method to boot the computer and allow you to save files to another drive:
    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk - Windows 10 Forums
    It will also allow you to run software to evaluate the drive. At this point though it seems you time and effort would be best with a new drive. Consider switching from a HD to a SSD.

    The OS may be able to be repaired with administrative command prompt: dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth or using the information in this link: Use DISM to Repair Windows 10 Image Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials

    To repair the drive so that the operating system is not on a bad block you can run chkdsk /x /f /r
    Most of the time that improves the drive but very rarely it can make a drive un-bootable..

    Each time you boot windows may attempt to repair the drive with a chkdsk scan.

    Open administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste: fsutil dirty query C:

    If there is scanning after boot which delays the use of the computer you can turn the scanning off on future boots by opening administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste: fsutil dirty set C:
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    @ohante, you need to face the fact that the hard drive is failing fast. The longer you use it, the more data you are going to lose. I hope you have nothing important/sentimental on that drive.
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    Bad blocks can't be repaired so there is no point in testing your only option is to get a new drive and do a clean install don't even try to clone the disk it will either fail or copy bad blocks to new drive you also don't know what files have been corrupted
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    In the past year I have seen 3 Toshiba drives fail catastrophically, two without any warning at all, one with symptoms such as yours. The Windows Update will probably put the final nail in the coffin. Save yourself time and aggravation and replace it.
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    Thanks so very much for everyone's feedback on this. This is about what I was expecting. The notebook is becoming more and more unusable... no surprise to anyone. There's no data on the drive that's of any real importance. I've backed up the few files and folders I do want to save.

    So new HDD it is. Only problems there now will be:

    1. Reinstalling Windows 10 if it requires a signature fro the existing HDD.
    2. Reinstalling all the original driver & software that came with the notebook.

    On the 2nd point, I'm guessing that's not going to be possible. The last Toshiba I bought back in 2006 had a system restore disk. This Toshiba didn't come with one. But I found the system restore disk for the old Tosh to be pretty useless when I did eventually have to use it.

    So... I'll google it... but since there's so many very friendly and helpful folks hanging out here... maybe someone can point me to a URL with instructions on how to install a certified copy of Windows 10.

    I did get the system to shut down without installing the updates from the ctrl-alt-delete > Shutdown menu.

    Was up all night with this, so I'll be checking in later in the day for any further input from you kind folks.
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    You should be ok just replacing a hard drive, if you choose i dont have the key, it should automatically activate.

    Depending on the make of your notebook, the manufacturer should have all the drivers you need on their website.
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    swarfega said: View Post
    You should be ok just replacing a hard drive, if you choose i dont have the key, it should automatically activate.

    Depending on the make of your notebook, the manufacturer should have all the drivers you need on their website.

    Thanks for that swarfega. I have downloaded drivers from the Toshiba support site to re-install Windows Vista in the past and was pretty successful. My faith in Toshiba isn't what it was back in 1998 though.
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    If they have something like a driver downloader program, install that too as it'l prompt you to update them.
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    swarfega said: View Post
    If they have something like a driver downloader program, install that too as it'l prompt you to update them.

    Another good idea. Thanks
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