Windows 10: Windows 10 Enterprise taking over 2 minutes to shutdown (not always)

  1.    22 Aug 2017 #1

    Windows 10 Enterprise taking over 2 minutes to shutdown (not always)

    I realize this is possibly one of the many repeat topics about the same subject matter, but I'm at a loss.

    The OS on my work laptop is taking over 2 minutes to shut down. And it's not me timing it, it's the OS timing it. I've checked the Performance logs in Event Viewer (200-299 ID events), and this is the last one:
    Windows has shutdown: 
         Shutdown Duration    :    132058ms
         IsDegradation        :    true
         Incident Time (UTC)    :    ‎2017‎-‎08‎-‎22T11:55:19.097021000Z
    The annoying thing is that most of the events are ID 200 (shutdown) events. There are a few 203 (slow service shutdown) events, but they don't correlate to slow shutdowns and don't point to any worrisome services. In fact, as the title states, this isn't ALWAYS the case. Ever so often the system will shut down able amount of time.

    I've disabled Windows 10 "Fast Startup" knowing that this causes Windows to basically hibernate the OS kernel (I don't care about that) and hopefully decrease the shutdown times, but this didn't help.

    I'd appreciate more logs in the Event Viewer to try and help me pinpoint the problem, but no luck. I've enabled detailed system information when shutting down, and it's just stuck on the final "shutting down" - so it doesn't seem like it's waiting for any of the major Windows services.

    I'll try a clean-boot, but frankly, this doesn't feel like the right way to go (given that the system doesn't ALWAYS shut down this slowly, the results of this test will feel inconclusive even if this works, plus it won't point towards an actual cause other than "some service").

    What else could I possibly try and do?

    Just to make a point - at the time of that last long shutdown, my laptop wasn't running any apps (I shut down everything manually). The OS is also updated with the latest updates from Microsoft and is running the latest W10 build.
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    If you really want to see what's going on during a shutdown, download the Windows SDK here: Windows 10 SDK - Windows app development

    Install the Performance Toolkit, launch Windows Performance Recorder and select the Performance scenario "Shutdown", Detail Level "Verbose", Logging mode "File", and iterations "1".

    Shutdown and then power on your computer, it will then generate a trace file once you login.

    Then post a link to the resulting .etl file.
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  3.    25 Aug 2017 #3


    Sorry for the late reply. I'm abroad at the moment, and the WiFi at the hotel is rather shady, so getting anything done was a bit of a chore. Anyway, I finally managed to download the SDK and create the .ETL file you requested. It's pretty big (178MB uncompressed)...

    Anyway, here it is: - Google Drive

    I took a quick look at it. One thing that worries me is the 100% drive usage - either something's performing a lot of IO operations, or the drive is dying (I've noticed this often in stock laptop drives, where the drive shows 100% usage with next to no throughput).

    Anyway, I'm curious what you'll say about this.
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