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    Windows 10 explorer crashing

    There is a nonsense: windows explorer has been locked in my windows 7 for some time, but now it also happens in windows 10. Whenever I save or modify a file (photos, word, configure option like sound, etc) or even I'm exit a program and enter on explorer to see folders, This does not answer and it crash the computer, on accelerating the fan with high processing on explorer (I see it in the manager: explorer/loadsavewindows). That happened a lot in win7 because, I thought, that due to outdated and disabled update, win7 started to fail. But from time to time it started to occur in windows 10 too and with worse consequences and more time crashing. In the beginning I thought it was some virus, but on the computer win7 I have Norton new version/updated and in windows 10 I bought it at 1 month ago and it came with Mcafee updated. That is a nonsense because I do not have viruses and neither the marks would allow it on each one. It's a really windows fault/crash. What to do, because it always crash. Are there a windows 10 bugs?
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    It's a really windows fault/crash. What to do, because it always crash. Are there a windows 10 bugs?
    Hi, this is not most people's experience, or the forum would be inundated with such reports.

    1. Can you please boot to Safe Mode and see if you experience such crashes doing the same sort of things?

    2, In normal mode, please have a look at your Reliability History (Type Reli in Cortana's search bar for example).
    Look for red x's, click on ones related to explorer, and post the text or a screenshot of what you see. This may provide further information.

    To post a screenshot please use the Insert Image icon above your post to the left of the video icon. Thanks.

    In all probability the crash is due to an installed program.

    It sounds like your computer is not new, so also check your drive:
    Download and run Hard Disk Sentinel (trial), and post a screenshot of its GUI.

    Also check your file system:

    From an admin command or powershell prompt
    [Windows key + X, click command prompt (admin)]
    chkdsk C: /F
    Your PC will need to restart.
    Post back the result, which you can get after a restart as follows:
    Read Chkdsk Log in Event Viewer in Windows 10 Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials
    How to read Event Viewer log for Chkdsk in Windows 10 [Tip] | Reviews, news, tips, and tricks | dotTechdotTech
    How do I see the results of a CHKDSK that ran on boot? - Ask Leo!

    We'll wait for your response before suggesting more.
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  3.    10 Aug 2017 #3

    Hi, about:
    It sounds like your computer is not new, so also check your drive:

    Yes, my computer is a one month buyed it, that is a Dell-gaming Inspirion i7 7700.
    About the others check, I wil do it now and returns what happens (it crash even I disconnect hdmi, incredibble)
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  4.    10 Aug 2017 #4

    Grab a copy of Autoruns

    Run it by right clicking the executable and choose "run as administrator"

    When the scan finishes choose File> Save and save as file type with .arn extension. Zip the file and upload it attaching it to your post.

    Also RE: Windows 7 Explorer crashes see here:

    Explorer.exe keeps crashing - Windows 7 Help Forums
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  5.    15 Sep 2017 #5

    I tryed all thing that saids above and no works. I talk with Dell Support technics assistance that he remote saw my screen and do everything on it and nothing, no solution, no works what he done on it. What more else?

    He said that it will been an windows 10 bugs, an very big problem that he get every day a lot of claims about by many peoples, that claims about explorer files crashing, not only it yet, but a lot of kinds of crashes, by many other systems.

    The Explorer files crash on all thing can doing on it, like renames, copies files, move it, plug usb, plug Hd, unplug them, connect hdmi, disconnect, open other explorer simultaneous, deleting files, then fan speeds up, then the pointer wheel appears, and crashes taskbar

    Then, when I know that there is no virus that do it, there is no any software that do the crash, no one driver that do it, and there is ONLY A WINDOWS 10 BUGS on it, what to do about? How to complain to MS? Is there any way? Im buyed my computer only at two month and there are no justice to come this windows bug on it, it's not fair to have any loss on it, an expensive laptop and Dell cant do anything about windows 10 bugs.
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  6.    16 Sep 2017 #6

    No, not Windows bugs - this is your experience of your PC configuration.

    As you haven't worked carefully through my post #2 or shown any evidence of doing that, just blaming MS, I'm afraid I can't help further. Good luck!
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  7.    16 Sep 2017 #7


    You cant said that I didnt make anything you writed above. I done many things on prompt, many things from MS answers site, my Dell Support technics done all it again and a lot of service on my laptop, he stays 2 hours on my computer, testing all system, I spended one month either on it, maked more things that you said (the listing is very large to includ it here, all things you can think and more, on registres, services, prompt, ScanNow, Dism, config, utilities, administrative tools, SystemRoot, initialization, F12, etc ). Then, if you dont want help, ok, but never say what you says here, you dont know me and said mistakes like my computer is old in #2, a one month laptop that I buyed it, nothing wrong on it, just its original windows with bug, on a High/top machine with original mcafee. Incredible: Each time I update windows, it gets worse (PS; you neither knows that my new windows built-in on a new laptop is a little bit diferent than your first windows that you installed it like my old Dell-XPS, that there are functions installed or other removed on it, search about it). Any way, thanks
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  8.    16 Sep 2017 #8

    From Windows 10 explorer crashing

    Callender said: View Post
    Grab a copy of Autoruns

    Run it by right clicking the executable and choose "run as administrator"

    When the scan finishes choose File> Save and save as file type with .arn extension. Zip the file and upload it attaching it to your post.
    Also grab a copy of GeekUninstaller (free) and run it. On the File tab choose Export to html and zip and upload the list of installed software.
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  9.    30 Sep 2017 #9

    Warning: recently (I do not know if anyone has it), torrents apps are being attacked (trojan horse) to damage the explorer files records/registers and then the windows 10 system, that only on me, after I formatted the computer and never installed those torrent, it never crashed again, and only formattings solves that problem.
    Then, problem solved! (it is shame that windows 10 is so vulnerable, absurd! And the worst: no antivirus detects it, about change records/registres!)
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  10.    06 Oct 2017 #10

    Please advise the MS technician

    I discovered the reason for the explorer files crashes with me and after then Windows 10 generals on it:

    It's not virus. Explorer files crashes with desktop overhead

    I had 3000 pictures on the Desktop, where when I connected an usb, hdmi or anything that I did on explorer files (copy, rename, delete, move files, etc), that when I activated explorer files, maybe it connected/turn on to the desktop ( I had organized it by date), it would crash, overheating the processor and triggering the fan and on the task manager can see the explorer files at 100/hour and in the "details/analyze chain of waiting", many stacks/waiting list, taking a long time to finish, that it locks the bar tasks and if I put the mouse on it, cursor get a spinning wheel. Maybe it is a windows bug on that explorer file interface with/connecting with the desktop. And then it crashes the windows by simply reconfiguring the screen resolution: do the test, but load the desktop first.

    Proof of this is that I spent days with the notebook crashing, this after formatting from zero, a clean formatting aided by the Dell technician, where when I put all the files back in the notebook, the problem only came back when I reloaded the desktop with these thousands of images. I stayed 5 days with the notebook crashinng again.

    But when I removed all those thousands of files/images from the desktop, it never crashed, the explorer files or windows anymore. I recommend to do this experience, confirm such crashes/bugs and report it to MS to disconnect the explorer with the desktop, that it is not being used at the crashes time, as it was happens with me in everything that I did on it, and without view the desktop. Thats an true windows 10 bug. Take the test and report it to MS.
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