PaulSoebekti said:
Hi Airider, Win10 comes with its own antivirus software built-in (Windows Defender).
To lighten the load on your computer, you can uninstall Kasperky, reboot, and activate Defender.
Click the widows icon in the lower left corner and type: Defender. Click on Widows Defender and activate it.
Hope this helps.
The general consensus after expert testing is that Kaspersky is at or next to the top and Defender at or near the bottom w.r.t. effectiveness. Check it out for yourself.

I will NEVER use a computer on the Internet without Kaspersky.

You can do what you want, but I strongly advise all others to check with the experts before trusting Defender as their sole reliable and highly effective anti-virus defense (of course Kaspersky does more than just anti-virus)

I have Defender make automatic periodic scans only ::)

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