Windows 10: windows 10 creators update very laggy and rough feeling Solved

  1.    02 Jul 2017 #1

    windows 10 creators update very laggy and rough feeling

    I just installed it this am, and already thinking I am regretting it.

    Why is it so sluggish?
    With the prior version of win10, it felt snappier.

    So what is the story here?
    What is the advantage?
    Is it that every upgrade, ms causes the system to run more poorly than before?

    Is creator update the future, meaning even if I unnstall this, it is going to be forced install someday?

    Example, I click the start menu and it delays opening, the menu scrolls jerkily.
    Moving the mouse around it lags or even stops responding.

    I takes a longer time to open pictures.

    Only 10 days to revert before your stuck with it.
    Regret Updating Windows 10? How to Revert to an Earlier Version
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    My wife will use it and see if she notices anything. If so I can revert.
    Another thing is is using the onboard video chip vs the pcie slot for an add on card.
    So maybe better performance if I spend money on new video card, which really it did not need before.

    I dont know, mouse is moving ok now, but the sliding app menu is laggy and jerky, not smooth.
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    The only real sluggish thing I've personally not iced in Creators Update is that it's slow as molasses creating a system image, compared to any previous release of Windows 10 going back to it's original R.T.M. version.
    It's been on this pc specifically for 2 years next week and my old pc since release date 07/@^/2015.
    This pc won't be 2 year's old until 07/082016 - that's when I built it.
    I rarely turn on the old pc anymore, so I really have no Creators Update input on it. Actually that was the last time I actually used it, the day I clean installed Creators Update on it. It hasn't been on since then.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       02 Jul 2017 #4

    See if you get better performance with clean boot or selective boot.
    This is clean boot:
    Open administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste these commands:

    1) msconfig (in the pop up system configuration > move the dot from normal startup to selective startup > uncheck load startup items > click service tab > in left lower corner check hide all Microsoft services > in the lower right side click disable all > click apply or ok > do not reboot)

    2) taskmgr (in the pop up task manager > click on the start up tab > click on status so that the column sorts with enable rising to the top > right click on each row with enable and change to disable)

    3) shutdown /r (you will reboot the computer so that it is in clean boot)

    Evaluate the performance on your computer in clean boot during typical use. Are the boots faster or slower? Are the shutdowns faster or slower? How has the video performance changed? Is it better, worse, or the same? How have hangs changed? Better, worse, or same? Continue using clean boot indefinitely to monitor performance.

    If there are a few programs that you always use you can check those services making it a selective boot.

    How to perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10 - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki

    Windows 10 Performance and Install Integrity Checklist - Microsoft Community
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  5.    02 Jul 2017 #5

    Try running disk cleanup on yours , included the disk cleanup > cleanup system files option. Then run disk defragmenter on it. Then restart your pc without logging on 10 times. Then restart your pc and login and see how it runs then.
    The 10 time restart without logging in supposedly speeds up Windows 10 performance. It works on my pc, but I have a ssd, so I don't notice it as much as someone that has a h.d.d. as a boot drive.
    It's worth a try on your pc and your wifes, though.
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  6.    02 Jul 2017 #6

    I have an older PCIE video card I can put into it.
    Will try that first.
    Wife seems to think it feels the same, but she can not hear stereo either.

    It is using Q35 intel chip graphics. I noticed it is stumbling badly on playing 1080p youtube video.
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  7.    02 Jul 2017 #7

    I got the pcie 8400gs old card in, and it works much better. The menu scrolls smoothly, and it plays 1080p ok now.

    It had trouble installing the video driver through windows update, it failed because it said other updates had failed. So I downloaded 378.xx from Nvidia site, and during the install, I got a message to restart because the video card driver was installed by windows update. then the Nvidia installed failed, with a c## error. So I rebooted and it is working.

    Should I bother reinstalling the downloaded latest driver?
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    pictures, see it is a nice small pc.

    Had to make a low profile card holder
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  9.    03 Jul 2017 #9

    I've been trying for 5 days to get it installed on my machine. 3.3ghz i3 and it hangs at 89%. Ran scandisc after reverting & chkdsk ran all night (at least 3-4 hrs). Afraid to try yet again so sitting on 1607.
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