The Ivy Bridge dropped it's bundle last night and my son let me have his older AMD build as he doesn't use it much.
Now I find it rather odd that the Sandy Bridge which I am on right now having a Gigabyte GA-H67-UD3H-B3 has driver support for Windows 10 yet my sons build with a Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD7 Rev 2 dopes not have driver s for 10 yet it is running 10 I think as an upgrade.

Can anyone explain why the newer board would not have driver support for 10 64bit whereas my older board does and both running 10 64bit Pro.

The other odd things are that the other machine he gave me is extremely slow yet my old build runs like lightning - plus I have tried installing Windows 7 on the build he gave me from a brand new OEM a which I can get drivers for but ti will not install?? Is this because this is an upgrade on that machine??