Windows 10: ***RANDOM*** BLACK SCREEN Windows 10

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  1.    15 Jun 2017 #1

    ***RANDOM*** BLACK SCREEN Windows 10

    I have tried everything to fix this, but it still happens.
    Is this a common issue? I can't be the only one out there with this problem.

    I'm experiencing RANDOM black screens. It can happen anytime. It doesn't happen super often, but it happens. The thing is that my laptop is unreliable since I'm using it for teaching purpose online. This is upsetting, especially because I have got a very good system. I love my laptop, it works great, there's only this out of nowhere every once in a while sudden black screen issue that totally pisses me off. Is it because of Windows 10??? I have had this problem right off the bat as I got my laptop. It came with pre-installed Windows 10 Home edition. I have tried everything they suggest on the internet. Uninstalling / reinstalling drivers, changing power settings, changing contrast settings and whatever else they suggest.

    Anyone, please...

    Thank you!

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  2. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       15 Jun 2017 #2

    Hi viskersdainis. Welcome to the TenForums@viskersdainis.

    What version and build of Windows 10 are you running... Windows key + R, type Winver, enter.

    What do you do to get the screen working? Is the device falling asleep or just the screen, is the bottom excessively hot, does device shut down?

    When this happens please note the exact time. When you get system back please enter Reliability History, Windows key + S, type reliability history, should be top of list, click. What kind of events are being listed.

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  3.    15 Jun 2017 #3

    That's a good idea about the reliability history. I'll check that. I have Windows 10 Home. Bottom is not excessively hot for sure. When it happens, the screen just goes black, no cursor, no nothing. I have to reboot to get it back running. It can happen anytime. Like browsing internet or it can also happen when it is left alone for awhile. It just sort of hibernates. That is actually when it happens the most - when it is left alone.
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  4. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       16 Jun 2017 #4

    Okay. Hibernating is normal but on a prescribed schedule usually set by you.

    While you are trouble shooting you can disable hibernation, which does disable Fast Start Up.

    Command prompt(admin)

    powercfg -h off

    To re-enable, same command but with the word on

    Next lets head into advance power options. There is a head "Battery", expand it. There are two subsections to investigate, low battery action and critical battery action. Depending on the version / build of windows you are using you get action settings.

    I have a really old HP with a useless battery. Until I discovered these settings, even plugged in, my machine would hibernate if the battery sent out a distress call. It use to be you could "Do Nothing", "Sleep", "Hibernate" or "Shut down". See how your machine is configured, for low and critical actions, for battery and plugged in.

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  5. Posts : 1
    Windows 10 64-bit
       18 Jun 2017 #5

    I have experienced the same issue, or a very similar one. I am running Windows 10 version 1703, OS build 15063.413. The problem just cropped up in the last few days.

    When this has happened to me was when my computer was performing a lengthy task and I close the lid to not waste energy on the screen (I have it set to "do nothing" when the lid closes). Normally when I open it the screen wakes right up, but on two occasions, no such luck.

    The computer is NOT asleep or hibernating. The screen is not completely dead like when the computer is off - there's a faint "glow" to it, but it is completely dark and blank. Other processes definitely continue to run - for example, last night I noticed the problem around 10pm but did nothing, wondering if it would resolve itself; a bit after 3am I gave up and forced the computer to turn off; but when I checked this morning, something that I was downloading finished at about 2:50am. So it was indeed running even while the screen had no life.

    I hope someone can offer insight...
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  6. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       19 Jun 2017 #6

    Hi JessieGDAE. Welcome to the TenForums @ JessieGDAE

    Always gets a little confusing with two or more problems on same thread. I would start a new thread.

    That said, is anything showing in your reliability history?

    Is there anything of note relating to monitor in Event Viewer?

    Real long shot.... if you press the Windows key + P, do you get screen / display menu?

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       19 Jun 2017 #7

    Open administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste:

    1) winver (in the pop up about windows > view your windows version and build > type this information into the thread)

    2) sfc /scannow

    3) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

    4) chkdsk /scan

    When these have completed > right click on the top bar or title bar of the administrative command prompt box > left click on edit then select all > right click on the top bar again > left click on copy > paste into the thread

    When evaluating bsod we view the msinfo32 and logs on the computer. Even though you did not report any bsod the log collector would be useful to assess your computer's working environment: BSOD - Posting Instructions - Windows 10 Forums
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  8.    21 Jun 2017 #8

    Driver issue?

    It is not hibernating. Something else is happening.
    I checked the Reliability History and on errors "NVIDIA Network Stream Service" was constantly stopped working.

    Also just recently something new happened. It had to shut down unexpectedly (blue screen, and again - it happened while it was idling on it's own, not while I was working on it), it did this stupid "collecting the information" thing and restart on it's own. After the restart there was a message "Tablet driver is not working".
    - What is a "Tablet driver"???
    After this event I checked the reliability history and there was an error on "Tablet Service for professional driver stopped working".

    I have been using many, many different kind of devices, have been loyal mostly to Windows and I've never had a problem like this sudden blackout. My laptop is brand new, really. This is such a bullshit. Whatever is going on with this Windows 10 - they are ****ing it up somehow.

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  9.    21 Jun 2017 #9

    SourceNVIDIA Streamer User AgentSummaryStopped workingDate‎2017-‎06-‎03 8:26 PMStatusReport sentDescriptionFaulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NvStreamSrv\NvStreamUserAgent.exeProblem signatureProblem Event Name: APPCRASHApplication Name: NvStreamUserAgent.exeApplication Version: 7.1.2084.9592Application Timestamp: 57605c64Fault Module Name: ntdll.dllFault Module Version: 10.0.14393.479Fault Module Timestamp: 5825887fException Code: c0000005Exception Offset: 0000000000030bddOS Version: 10.0.14393. ID: 4105Additional Information 1: e48eAdditional Information 2: e48e463e01ac5e8c5d63c8f74b024a4aAdditional Information 3: e2c0Additional Information 4: e2c007b19db3e35ae6174fd1a3378ea9Extra information about the problemBucket ID: ecfb49ce0bf07f7c79a9c4f7b6add86b (120631193445)
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  10.    21 Jun 2017 #10

    SourceTablet Service for professional driverSummaryStopped workingDate‎2017-‎06-‎21 2:02 PMStatusReport sentDescriptionFaulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\Tablet\Wacom\Wacom_Tablet.exeProblem signatureProblem Event Name: APPCRASHApplication Name: Wacom_Tablet.exeApplication Version: Timestamp: 58e542d0Fault Module Name: Wacom_Tablet.exeFault Module Version: Module Timestamp: 58e542d0Exception Code: c0000005Exception Offset: 00000000002a25b1OS Version: 10.0.14393. ID: 4105Additional Information 1: 3b4dAdditional Information 2: 3b4da823b62fc322b735b47999b7cd11Additional Information 3: cb25Additional Information 4: cb250a21ca5333f978983cf28005b1bfExtra information about the problemBucket ID: c64b75528e4f648aa8fc7a62d63a0c9b (120731953014)
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