I have a driver slowly leaking in the NonPaged Pool in my RAM. I have had this problem back in October, and "refreshed" my windows install to fix it, but now it has returned, and is the same drivers.

Restarting my computer fixes momentarily, but it slowly builds up over a couple of days. I installed the stuff for PoolMon to find what the pooltag(s) were, and it showed 2 tags with the highest amount of bytes, both standing noticeably above the rest.
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After finding out what the tags were, I proceeded into Command Prompt, doing the commands "cd /d %SystemRoot%\System32\Driver" and "findstr /m /l" to find the offending drivers. The tag "FMic" results in "fltMgr.sys" and "Irp" resulted in a ton an absurd amount, so I did "hIrp" which results in 7 drivers.
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At this point, the issue I had 8 months ago, and the issue i have now, are basically the exact same. I still cannot figure out which driver is the offending file. Does anyone know what steps I should take at this point? If you have any questions, or need info I have not included, please ask. I wish to not have to "refresh" my windows install to fix the issue again. Thank you in advance.