My desktop pc is an upgrade from Windows 7 and as such will possibly have some legacy software with it. One of those packages appears to be Microsoft SQL Server 2005 [ENU] which reading online was possibly loaded when I first installed Windows Live Mail. I am still using this and now running with WLM2012.

Recently Windows has advised that this SQL package is not compatible with Windows 10 and is no longer updated. It is the only SQL server package listed under Programs and Features of the Control Panel.

This begs the question what to do now as there is obviously a security risk? Is it just a question of upgrading to a later version? Am I right in assuming that whatever routine is using 2005, it will automatically find 2104? I have also noticed a SQL entry under Drivers of the ODBC Data Sources both 32 and 64 bit.

Reading various websites indicates that an upgrade to say 2014 is not that straight forward, although I might be confusing the advice with actual server upgrades as against desktop PCs. I have tried looking for tutorials to carry out an upgrade without much success, which leads me to believe one of two options. The first is that it is very easy uninstall 2005 and then install 2104 and a tutorial is not necessary or it is much more complicated than the first option, not that straight forward and not to be attempted unless you are a professional expert!

Any advice greatly appreciated.