I'm struggling to put this issue into a meaningful subject line!

Since the Creators Update, here's what I am noticing

When doing a Save As on the local hard drive, if I click "New Folder", File Explorer seems to hang for a minute or so, then "sometimes" comes out of it. Sometimes it crashes explorer and Windows restarts it.

Also, when copying photos from an SD card onto a folder on the local hard disk, sometimes I will get a 'fatal error', other times it will display the copying files animation, but the items copied do not show. I have to right-click and select 'refresh' for the files to be seen

The laptop has an Intel i7 with 32gb of RAM and a zippy Samsung SSD. Usually these sorts of IO issues never happen. But since this mandatory update, performance is taking a hit.

Again, these aren't being copied or saved over a network, but to the local disk. I'm aware some network drives can sometimes have delays or other issues