Very slow boot on Win10 with SSD after creators upadte

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  1. cachirro's Avatar
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    Very slow boot on Win10 with SSD after creators upadte

    My computer was running fine (win10 + ssd +16gb ram + nvidia gpu) it booted at about 30 seconds.

    After i installed the creators update it takes 2 or 3 minutes to boot i get a black screen with the circle dots moving and moving and moving...

    my keyboard has LEDs and i can see them coming on and off for 2 or 3 times.

    PC runs fine after boot, but this huge boot time is driving me crazy, especially because it used to be so good before this OS update.

    Can anyone help on this? Thank you so much.
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  2. dalchina's Avatar
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    Hi, some ideas:
    Security conflict? (but thread not resolved)
    Creators Update..Defender conflict /pc slow boot up - Windows 10 Forums

    Issues with updated drivers - and means of analysis #7
    windows creators update slow startup - Windows 10 Forums
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    If you don't have an image of the current windows 10 (located on your ssd), probably good to create and save an image.
    (Macrium, Acronis software, an emergency boot disk, and a separate storage device)

    I might try a repair install, and see what that yields.
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  4. cachirro's Avatar
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I wanted to avoid re-installing OS, and try to find out what's causing this, why is windows taking so long to boot, what is he doing? why keyboard keeps turning on and off? looks very weird, and all just happened because of that update from windows.

    Of course i will eventually forma it if i can't find a way out of this, but the hassle to install everything again makes me postpone it, has this installation has just months.

    I will check the suggested threads and see if something useful is out there. Thank you.
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    I've never used it but there's some diagnostic software called "CheckBootSpeed"

    The Readme.txt:

    Troubleshooting pack that creates a detailed boot time report along with other diagnnostic information, and fixes common issues that slow down boot on hard drives.
    Supported OS: Windows 7 and above
    Author: Vadim Sterkin,
    In short: run CheckBootSpeed.diagcab (administrative permissions are required)
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  6. dalchina's Avatar
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    Analysis: e.g. see attached..

    And a couple of ideas here:
    How to fix the Windows 10 slow boot bug | Expert Reviews
    Very slow boot on Win10 with SSD after creators upadte Attached Files
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    The best way we can figure out this issue, quickly, is by taking a boot trace using the free Microsoft troubleshooting tool (Windows Performance Toolkit)
    Here is a tutorial on how to take a boot trace.

    Share the boot trace, and I'll analyze it. there is a big chances we can find exactly what is causing this issue.. I use this tool every time when I encounter Windows Perfomance issue, it's very powerfull.
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  8. cachirro's Avatar
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    wow, so many suggestions, thanks guys.

    I'll start with the last one and share the my WPR logs.
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  9. kimkl's Avatar
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    Same issue here my PC also has a ssd and boot time used to be press power button take 5 paces sit down in couch turn on LCD and PC is ready, but my agony does not stop there my HD's keep going to sleep (yes have checked power settings all normal) but now i click file explorer "window freeze" until my other HD power up, very very annoying.
    And now i get assertion failed c++ in one of my programs, last time i had that problem was with Windows 7 many years ago.

    I have some 25 years exp with PC i build my own cases, i crimp my own Cat 6 cables make my own USB cables so my knowledge is good when in comes to troubleshooting but i miss the days when i could just relax watch a movie without my screen going black or hd falling asleep.
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  10. cachirro's Avatar
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    Hi Zinou, here is my report: WPR - Google Drive

    edit 1: (adding event viewer info)

    Looking and events for boot time, here are my latest boot time in seconds:

    edit 2: (additional info of driver issue)

    I also just found this driver error, i've tried the one on asus site, and another updated version from update driver context menu, but the error never goes away.

    Very slow boot on Win10 with SSD after creators upadte-capture.png

    edit 3: (report back on driver issue, fixed and boot time reduced)

    managed to make the driver install properly, googled some file from another motherboard (same HWID for device) and it worked, and what do you know, boot times have massively decreased:


    don't know if these are normal values now, at least they are half as before, but i still see the black screen doing nothing for some time on boot.

    edit 4: (adding info about new event registered and sharing new WPR file after driver issue fixed)

    Also found this in the event viewer:
    Very slow boot on Win10 with SSD after creators upadte-capture2.png
    I don't have a c:\de file, but i let you guys analyze this. Here is the new WPR report: WPR New - Google Drive
    Last edited by cachirro; 08 Jun 2017 at 07:25. Reason: added more troubleshoot info
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