Hi, checking your disk is different to checking your file system, which is what chkdsk does (despite its name).

My #2
- if your PC won't boot, then boot from Kyhi's disk and run HDTune - you can download and run Hard Disk Sentinel (trial) too.. that's good.
- if it will boot, then download and run Hard Disk Sentinel (trial)

Think of it like this: chkdsk checks the integrity of the used parts of your disk - the files present- in the partition you have specified.

But there are other parts of the disk- other partitions and sectors- Windows needs to boot.

Not to mention basic parametric performance of your disk, and how many failed sectors have been detected by your disk's firmware.... etc.

Ideally your disk will be fine, and there's some potentially correctable problem.

If you can boot into Normal or Safe Mode, that would help.