Hi there

I can't seem to decide what's the best way option connecting a 2 Bay HDD external enclosure to a laptop for maximum performance.

The HDD enclosure can connect via e-sata or a USB 3 connection -- I have to use the USB 3 connection as there's no e-sata external connection on the laptop. These enclosures only need 1 USB / e-sata connector as the hardware in the computer has the multi-port detection in it (been standard for ages these days).

The HDD enclosure has a built in switchable option - Run as RAID 0, Run as RAID 1, Run as JBOD (Just a bunch of Disks i.e it will show the whole thing as a single HDD) or as discrete disks -- i.e it will show 2 separate disks.

Now I want to use storage spaces so I'm tempted to use the "run as separate disks" option -- Windows will then see 2 HDD's which I can create into a storage space.

On these multi-bay relatively cheap HDD enclosures my impression is that the built in RAID controllers are far inferior to using Software -- on Linux that's certainly true - the mdadm kernel RAID works far superiorly to running these enclosures using built in RAID.

Any idea as to using these types of HDD's with Storage spaces vs the built in hardware RAID.