Windows 10 slow after manually updating to Creators Update

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    Windows 10

    It was absolutely worse when accessing a folder from within a graphics app using the open file or even export. Hopefully this will be addressed, although not sure how widespread this is. Could be just certain configurations OR we were just the ones to find it frustrating.
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    Win 10

    Nexus6p said:

    I have noticed some serious slowdowns on my computer since I updated to creators update. Before the update, my PC was flying lighting fast. I often kept it on power saving mode and it still did not show any sings of slowing down. I always keep my laptop up to date with everything.
    So when creators update was released, I read that it was possible to get it few days faster, before it rolls out to everyone. I downloaded the manual updater from official Microsoft webpage. It began downloading the update and in less than an hour I had working creators update. While everything seemed great initially, I noticed that it is much slower than it was before the update. Picture thumbnails load extremity slowly, the downloads folder ,which has less than 100 files, becomes completely unresponsive when I sort it and so on. And just now for the first time ever, few minutes ago my entire computer crashed. It had blue screen with face on it. I did not catch what the error was.
    Is there any way I can fix the issues I have? Perhaps I have some-kind of insiders build installed on my laptop now? How do I check properly?

    Another thing, I have never joined the insiders program, but I received email thanking me for testing creators update few weeks ago.

    Current version:
    OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 HomeVersion 10.0.15063 Build 15063

    Laptop is Acer Switch Alpha 12SW. 4Gb Ram and I3-6200.
    Hi, have the same laptop as you do.
    I don't know what the update did but it is terrible.
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    Disable windows defender.
    Have a nice day!

    PS all of the modern apps as some are calling those are a primordial bloatware. F** those.
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    And... as a matter of a fact... Yes you do have some of the insiders preview there. look here: thread Not that it has anything to do with your problem. Dism might do the difference. Read the thread from beginning and draw conclusions from there. Try using Dism. Might learn a lot.
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    Windows 10 CU
    Thread Starter

    For the past few days my system has become much faster. I did not change the default photos app. Some shuttering around images still persists but it is barely noticeable on day to day use. I still use Photos app because I edit a lot of photos and the app does basic things good enough. Version is still 15063.
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    Win 10

    For me it is mostly that browsing is slow on edge and also on chrome.
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    Win10 Pro

    Win 10 Pro Very Slow after Update to Creator

    As Tehshouter stated,

    Both my husbands computer and my computer are extremely slow after the update - mostly while browsing. What used to be quick is now so slow I am forced to clear the cache in order for some pages (like quickbooks online) to work at all.

    Doesn't matter which browser we are in Firefox, Edge, Chrome, etc. This is terrible, I work from home and can't afford to waste time waiting. Plus we own a business and it ain't good when we are in the middle of payroll and oh gee quickbooks hung.

    I did not do the manual update as some have done, I waited. I hope there is something I can do to fix the issue or they come out with a fix - quick!
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    I been having same problem. plus apps taking long time to load. performance issues with games.
    even just scrolling through folders without images will still lag.
    its more noticeable on systems that run on mechanical drives compared to ssd.
    I do dev work with windows apps, game mods etc.
    I work with adobe software/3dmax/maya/visual studio/unity3d/unreal/qt/libre office, etc
    I have hit performance walls with things taking forever to run.
    and take too long to boot up.
    I done clean installs and still had performance issues. and I cant keep doing reinstalls after every major update.
    some was fixed by disabling windows 10 built in services but still had slow downs.
    I ended up going back to windows 7 and its like night and day.
    didnt even have to disable any services.
    and if I do need windows 10 for something. I got it running in vmware.
    I know some work places that are using windows 10 for POS . ... its more like piece of sh***.
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, slow performance?
    1. please post a screenshot of your task manager, organising any columns of interest high to low by clicking on the relevant column tab. Repeat for different columns if useful.

    To post a screenshot please use the Insert Image icon to the left of the video icon above your post

    2. How much spare disk space do you have on C: ? An upgrade will create a backup copy of your Windows folder (so you have the chance to reverse the upgrade) for 10 days. This takes up space on C: so if you don't have sufficient free space may result in excessive disk activity).

    Please post a screenshot of Disk Management (Windows key + X, click Disk Management).

    3. Check the Photos app isn't re-indexing Albums (if you created any).
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    three main problems, I found with windows 10. superfetch and windows search index and compatibility telemetry will run at the same time causing massive harddisk usage.

    its not supposed to run like that when your doing things on the computer, it only supposed to run when the system is idle.

    so far I have renamed the compatibility telemetry exe.(which is involves gaining rights to the file)
    disable windows search.

    and been tempted to do stop superfetch because it slows down login. runs for almost 15 minutes and slowing down the disk.
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