I have to try so damn hard because jerks come onto forums just to say 'Youre wrong' when they have obsolutely nothing to come to that conclusion, they frustrate the process which should be easy and clear to them given the solid evidence that Avast is tampering with vital system settings and gave NO notification that it was doing so after changes to Game Mode. There's just terrible, TERRIBLE people on the internet who just want to troll and thats unfortunately what i ran into on that forum. I realised i was just wasting my time putting anything on forums and put in a ticket, i contacted them by phone and the person couldnt speak English and wanted me to give them control over my desktop for absolutely no reason when all i wanted to do was leave them feedback.

The Corsair H80i cooler with Arctic Silver 5 paste is more than enough cooling for the AMD FX 8150, and anyone into computers should know that but of course no, everybody just wants to waste their lives going onto forums going "Youre wrong, and your wrong and everybodies wrong but me". Seriously, go away, if they lack understanding, which they clearly do given the text-book style responses, then they are absolutely useless to the subject issue at hand and have no reason to post a bag of trash when the evidence has been made clear and shown right to their faces that Avast gave no such warning, nor is in the component description, that it is fiddling with your Power Plan as i have the solid evidence:

There is no information here stating that Avast will change your Power Plan, which for countless computers across the world can be very dangerous. Avast has no clue what kind of processor it is playing with, nor has any understanding of temperature limits of each persons computer.

Here's an example scenario so maybe in this universe people can grasp perhaps even a single thought of understanding that theyre are wrong on this matter, and Avast needs to have this feature disabled by default.

Your processor is 10 years old and starting to get too hot regularly even though you have changed the thermal compound and cleaned out the dust, and you set the maximum process rate to 50% to stop the temperatures getting out of hand. By doing this, temperatures on your CPU have stabilized and the life of your CPU has been greatly extended, you might even get another 6 years from it.

Avast without you knowing, updates Game Mode, without telling you what those changes are and what they are doing to your vital system power settings. Avast then switches you to High Performance mode in secret, and within a few weeks, your processor dies because it was being pushed to it's limit. Oh no, it looks like your motherboard was damaged too in the event, this has cost you $500 in repairs, replacement and services, and you were not the person responsible for it given how much you maintain and clean the computer.

AVAST doesnt care about CPU temperatures and the health or age of your system, looks like you have to pay hundreds of dollars in damages, not that Avast cares and will probably claim that it is not responsible for the endless amount of computers now being put at risk.

Nooo everyone just wants to shrug this off and say it isnt happening. Well i checked with a friend of mine who was using Avast and was complaining that his computer was getting hot within the last month, boom, i solved his problems, it was Avast, again. I'v just saved his screaming machine and this issue is nothing to do with which cooling method you're using, your CPU should not be in ANY control by Avast without your permission and without you knowing about it, and thats the final fact.