Windows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking

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    Windows 10

    Windows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking

    I've had this issue for a very long time. And i have tried many solutions. Basically, my disk usage keeps jumping up and down, causing lag spikes, freezing my screen for a second or two every now and then, which is annoying me so much. I created an account here to post this. This is my last resort. If i can't fix it, i'll probably go back to Windows 7. I hope that'll fix the problem at least... but i'm starting to worry that this is an problem with my computer, and not the OS. I've had this problem on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. I've upgraded 3 times to see if there would be a change. But no luck.

    I have a 64 bit ASUS laptop, running Windows 10 Home. System specs:

    Intel Core i5-3337U CPU 1.80 GHz
    8 GB RAM
    Intel HD Graphics 4000

    Solutions i have tried:
    Disabling Superfetch, Prefetch, Windows Defender, Windows Updates, Windows Firewall
    Resetting Virtual Memory
    Updating all Drivers
    Uninstalling Google Chrome
    Changing Settings in Google Chrome
    Clean Install
    Installing AVG so Windows Defender stops
    Disabling background tasks in Task Scheduler
    Closing Processes in Task Manager/Process Monitor
    Installing all Windows Updates

    Windows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking-screenshot-1-.pngWindows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking-screenshot-2-.pngWindows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking-screenshot-3-.png
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi,your HDD is Toshiba MQ01ABD050 500GB SATA 3GB/s 5400RPM 2.5 Inch 9.5mm Internal Hard Drive
    Could you advise your laptop model?

    Disconnect any network connections.

    First some basics checks.
    Download and run Crystal Diskinfo (free), easy to find - SMART param checks and report the result - Good/Caution/Bad...
    If ok Download and run Crystal DiskMark to check transfer rates and post the result.

    Then run chkdsk on C:
    From an admin command prompt
    [Windows key + X, click command prompt (admin)]
    chkdsk C: /F
    Your PC will need to restart.
    Make sure the result is clear or fixed- else do not proceed.
    Post back the result, which you can get after a restart as follows:
    How do I see the results of a CHKDSK that ran on boot? - Ask Leo!

    Run chkdsk on D:

    Then boot to Safe Mode - do you observe any problems?

    Then do a clean boot - again, do you observe any problems?

    Please post a screenshot of your task manager, clicking any column of interest to organise it high to low.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    One thing you can do is to open task manager and go to the startup tab. Check which programs are running and see if you need them to do so. It's also useful to occasionally check your installed programs in control panel/uninstall programs to see if there's any you no longer need.
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    Hello, thanks for the replies. Laptop model is ASUS X550C.

    I already have all programs disabled in the "startup" tab of Task Manager. Apologies for not stating that in my post.

    Here are the results:

    Windows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking-screenshot-4-.pngWindows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking-screenshot-5-.pngWindows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking-screenshot-6-.png
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, from your 2nd screenshot looks like your disk is failing.

    Your first screenshot shows an amazing number of 0's. No data transfer? Really? But that's irrelevant as you need to replace your disk. Oh, maybe you didn't press 'All' to run the scan.

    Your final screenshot- well, obviously that runs after a restart, as I said, but again that's really irrelevant given the 2nd.

    Do you have backups of everything important on your drive?
    If not, now's the last chance you'll have to try to copy anything you want off it. Maybe. Also try running Hard disk sentinel for another opinion.
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    Just to make sure; we're talking about the C drive right? All my important stuff is on my D drive, so i guess i'm fine. I'm not no computer expert, so, i assume, if i do not replace my hard drive, i guess my computer will stop working? I ran Hard Disk Sentinel, and the results are not very good

    Windows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking-screenshot-7-.png
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Well it looks like you have one physical drive partitioned... if so, you're in trouble.

    It's not just that it will stop working, but most probably some of your data is not recoverable.

    I would stop using your PC except to recover data.

    Hope you've been using disk imaging (as we constantly recommend) or a good backup strategy.

    To use disk imaging (once you again have a functional PC), which more or less secures you against things like unbootable PC, disk failure, ransomware etc etc, you will need

    a. to buy a replacement disk
    b. to buy a further external disk at least twice the total amount of space you will use on that disk that you want to secure.

    You will also need a CD, DVD or flash drive for the disk imaging program's boot disk.

    If you do not presently have full backups, you will only be able to copy files from your disk to an external disk. You almost certainly will not be able to image your existing disk due to the failures which will result in read failures.
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    Windows 10
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    Well i was thinking of getting a new computer too. This one is 4 years old. And i do not have any personal/private important files on this computer. Thank you for your time.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    You're welcome. As soon as you get your new PC, start routinely using disk imaging and updating your image. E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) is strongly and frequently recommended here.
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    Thanks for the tip; i'll do that.
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