Never More Than 3 System Restore Points

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    Win 11 Pro (x64) 21H2

    larrymcg said:
    It looks in your File History and in your restore points. I don't use File History for backups so restore points are nice to have so I don't have to mount my external backup disk and look for the file there (I only mount the backup disk when doing backups or restores).
    You are going to be extremely disappointed if you believe that because that is NOT the point (purpose) of a restore point.

    I honestly suggest you research File History, and turn it on if you want previous versions of your files!!!

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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit 1809

    System restore points are deleted after 17 days (or older) automatically when the system performs maintenance and it will only do this while you are not actively using the computer. I looked into this when I set aside 10% of my drive for restore points and it was nowhere near that limit before older points were deleted.

    Quite different from Windows 7!
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    You might find this informative and useful. There is a free utility called Restore Point Creator which as well as creating and deleting them displays storage usage and has other functions, ie. it is what I would call a general Restore Point Manager. Just search for it. If needed I will find the url.
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    trying to install win10
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    Windows 10 Home 64 bit (with Creators OS)

    Bree said:
    No, turning System Restore off and back on again deletes all restore points.
    I have just turned SR off and back on again and all my restore points are still there. However, I still have the unresolved problem that my restore points date back only to the first of this month despite protection having been on since last Summer. (I do use Macrium.)
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    Windows 11 Pro 22621.160

    I have not had 4 restore points in over two years, I do not use it. I use Macrium Reflect to image my Drive every day.
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    Win 10 Pro 64bit
    Thread Starter

    Sure enough, my restore points older than 17 days got deleted. Can't say I like that but I'm sure Microsoft is right!

    -- Larry

    I'm marking this thread solved. Thanks to bumboola for pointing out how this works.
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    Crap Restore Points

    sygnus21 said:
    What he said ^

    Anyway I honestly don't think there's an issue to be concern with. And you can create a manual restore point anytime you need.

    Here's a Microsoft article on restore points but is doesn't mention how many or how long the last - Restore Points

    Again, I see this as a non issue and personally wouldn't use a restore point older than two weeks, and even that's too long. If I need to go back that far, I may as well use an image restore. That's me.
    I've just read the Restore Points.


    This is a known issue in Windows 10.

    Then M$ should fix this issue they causes it, what else are they spending their billions on!!!

    During the system restore process, Windows temporarily stages the restoration of files that are in use. It then saves the information in the registry.
    When the computer restarts, it completes the staged operation.

    In this situation, Windows restores the catalog files and stages the driver (.sys) files to be restored when the computer restarts.
    However, when the computer restarts, Windows loads the existing drivers before it restores the later versions of the drivers.
    Because the driver versions do not match the versions of the restored catalog files, the restart process stops.


    To recover from the failed restart and continue the restore process

    After the failure occurs, restart the computer until it enters the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). To do this, you may have to use a hardware restart switch,
    and you may have to restart multiple times.
    I've been a member of the Windows 7 forum for many years now I have to buy a new DELL garbage laptop with Windows 10 Home 64bit.

    C:\OS renamed to Hard Drive until I looked at the drive size 99GB the free space was 2.5GB, I've deleted all files I don't need that leaves 22GB now.

    As I've ALWAYS done on the Windows 7 laptop is make a restore point just in case I did something wrong the previous day.

    So this new Windows 10 laptop startup 30/12/20 that was more crap the crap instructions only says turn it and login. It checks for wireless so it knows you have a connection enter email what the M$ code. I had to Google how to turn off aero mode which I found.

    That is the first this I do. As the features on a new Windows 10 laptop to me they are all total crap

    System Protection Restore Points - Delete - Windows 7 Help Forums

    I'm sure I've read on another tread 20% should be used

    That 20% I've always used on both computers main computer 2TB laptop 1TB.

    As I shut down the laptop and made a restore point it says.

    I get error message:

    the restore point could not be created...
    insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy... (0x8004231F)

    I deleted 2 restore points in Ccleaner its quicker the first 2 to see how much space it showed nothing good.

    That is the other crap thing if you click on Delete a restore it deletes them all, I haver 15 restore points it should have been 17 if it worked.

    It has a D:\ 1TB SATA drive that was named DATA read through option is said make a Windows 7 recovery ok so I burnt a DVD.

    As a backup I saved the recovery files on the D: drive that was the big mistake, that drive is now a recovery drive which you can't format because its system.

    Here is the DELL garbage laptop C:\hard drive has 5 partitions OS system boot

    1 EFI recovery
    2 recovery
    3 recovery
    4 recovery
    1 of them is formatted FAT32 who the hell format a recovery partition FAT32?

    That is the other stupid thing I searched for on Windows 10 crap.

    On Windows 7 and any computer you want to find a file in a folder you click on any file and press the letter of the file name and it jumps to the first file with that letter. Windows 10 crap shows in the search box I don't want to search I know the folder its in

    I have loads of text files with all sorts of Windows 10 crap info that is the other stupid thing it remembers the last text I searched for in a text file also if I search up or down the text file, I that them many I can't remember which one its in

    The C:\ hard drive is a 128GB solid state drive as you know these aren't reliable if they crash everything is lost.
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    Win 11 Pro (x64) 21H2

    I'm sorry but your post is all over the place and I'm not even sure what your issue is. The only thing I can figure out is you don't like Windows 10.
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    trying to install win10

    "now I have to buy a new DELL garbage laptop with Windows 10 Home 64bit."

    What is the exact model of this laptop?
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