How to keep laptop at High Performance Solved

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  1.    23 Mar 2017 #1

    How to keep laptop at High Performance

    I'm using Power4Gear High Performance and have noticed only now when I unplug the power cord, it slips into Power Saving. I've gone into Power Options, Processor Power Management and put both on 100%. Also I have put Maximum Power State both to 100%.
    Still, when I unplug the unit, it goes from High Performance to Power Saving. I actually do not want this to happen and am wondering if there is a way to stop it. If so, do please advice.
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       24 Mar 2017 #2

    First off, please finish filling out your system spec so we know more about it. That can go a long way to helping us help you.

    Now, a setting like this doesnt exist within Windows, at least to my knowledge. What you will likely have to do is go into your BIOS/UEFI and look under any power and/or system preformance settings listed in the BIOS/UEFI. It is likely there is a setting in there that causes this to happen when the machine is unplugged as a power saving feature. Its also possible that this is an unchangeable behaviour as the battery alone may not be enough to power the system to full spec performance if its a really high performance laptop. I know when I unplug my Precision M4800 the graphics performance at least gets cut to about half its full capabilities.
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  3.    24 Mar 2017 #3

    Thank you so much for the reply. I've not looked into the BIOS as of yet, but this is an ASUS Rogue gaming laptop. This might be as you point out, an unchangeable behavior because of the machine.
    With regards to your own machine, is it so that you cannot change it when you unplug to keep its high end performance? Mine switches automatically. When I bring up Power Options, I can see it switch from full power to power saving when I unplug it. Strange thing is though, I've noticed after a while that the unit is not working fast as I think it should and when I go into Power Options, the computer is on Power Saving even though it is still plugged in. I've noticed this happening a couple times and also with my wife's laptop, the same thing happens. In other words, unplugging it then plugging it back in does not sometimes switch it back to high performance. Is there a reason for this and if so, is it fixable?
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       24 Mar 2017 #4

    Mine doesnt seem to change profile when unplugged. I just know that the performance seems to get cut and I havent seen anything in the UEFI that pertains to that happening. Maybe someone who knows more than I do can help you.

    Also try filling out your system specs more fully, especially with the model number of the machine. This can go a long way to helping you resolve your issue.
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  5.    24 Mar 2017 #5

    I assume you are talking about Windows Power Options (Not any options in BIOS Settings).

    When you open the "Change Plan Settings" in your High Performance power option, are the settings for both Plugged In and Battery the same?
    How about when you look at the Advance Power Settings?
    Are any of the options under Battery greyed?
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  6.    24 Mar 2017 #6

    I am so talking about the Windows Power Options. I get to it by right clicking on the little battery icon down on the right side of the Task Bar.
    When I set the Power Options to High Performance, there is nothing there about the battery. All I see there is "Change settings for the plan: Power4Gear High Performance" and all I see there is "turn off display / Put the computer to sleep / adjust plan brightness."
    When I go to Control Panel and then to Hardware and Sound, then to Power Options, I have Power4Gear High Performance and Power4Gear Power Saving. I also have created a couple other Power Plans which I have made as High Performance also. Using one of these does nothing when I unplug other than switching to Power4Gear Power Saving.
    Also, under Battery, there is nothing grayed out.

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  7.    24 Mar 2017 #7

    Permit me to edit this last note to you ArazelEternal. I don't see anything here to delete the post, so I'll simply rewrite it. I happened to find how to edit my system specs and added the number of this unit. Hope this helps.
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  8.    25 Mar 2017 #8

    Power4Gear is an Asus utility, power management software. I have never installed it on my Asus systems.

    If it were me, I would see if I could disable Power4Gear (maybe even uninstall it temporarily) and then set up a High Performance power plan in Windows settings and test. You want to see if it will stay in High Perf without P4G. If so, it means the behavior is a "feature" of P4G, or a bug. If it's a feature, you may be able to toggle it somewhere.
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  9.    25 Mar 2017 #9

    I have to agree with TV2 on this. I have an ASUS ROG desktop, and have had to remove all ASUS utilities, as I have found them all to be problematic (including BSODs). Get rid of it, and use the in-built Windows Power Options. I think your problems will go away then.
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  10.    25 Mar 2017 #10

    I have indeed removed Power4Gear and the problem has gone with it. I do notice when I unplug the unit, the screen goes dimmer for a second and comes back to normal. The same happens when I plug it in. I have "brightness" to the max on both battery and plug in. Other than that, every thing seems to be as fast on battery as it is on plugin. If there is any further advice, please let it come this way. Thank you so much for the help.
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