Wrong RAM speed in Windows Task Manager

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    Windows 10 Home 20H2 64-bit

    Wrong RAM speed in Windows Task Manager

    Hello. So it looks like in Windows task manager my RAM speed is set at 2800 MHz in slot 1, 3, 5 and 7, but my RAM are using XMProfile 1 at 2666 MHz in BIOS. CPU-Z also tells me that my RAM is in quad channel configuration at 1333 MHz (2666 Mhz divided 2).

    What's the dealio? Is it a Windows bug or something else? My RAM is also reported in the task manager as 16GB (other) instead of DDR4.
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    The speed of the RAM will always default to the slowest of the installed modules if all are not matched to each other, module capacity usually is not a problem. Most times users will not notice any issue with modern computers, it was a problem years ago as things were moving from 80286 to 80386 to 80486 to Pentium-class processors.
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    I don't understand. Are my RAM modules not matched properly? I have them set at 2666 MHz in BIOS, but Windows shows them at a higher speed of 2800 Mhz. I have two X.M.Profiles available (profile 1= 2666 / Profile 2= 2800), but I use profile 1 because it's at lower voltage. Could it be that Windows detects profile 2 even though it's not active?
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    Just ignore it. Task manager displays default info based on the info provided by the manufacturer, not real one. In my case it shows 1866, I have 2133 and it also shows my CPU max speed as 3,8 instead of 4,3.

    What is your RAM's precise name/ID? If it states, it is 2800 MHz RAM, well there you have it. This?

    Vengeance(R) LPX 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 DRAM 2800MHz C16 Memory Kit - Black (CMK16GX4M4A2800C16)
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    The box says Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666MHz 16GB 4x4GB 2666MHz (PC4-21300) DDR4 Unbuffered CL15-17-17-35, 288pin, Black. So it's definitely advertized at 2666MHz, so I don't know why I have two X.M.Profiles on them, or why Windows shows 2800MHz. The 2800Mhz modules are actually more expensive too which doesn't make any sense if these memory sticks support 2800 Mhz aswell at a lower cost. What's up with that?

    I'm guessing this is just a Windows bug and I should ignore it, but I am curious as to why Windows shows this number though.
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    This is more of a limitation of Task Manager than a bug. The purpose of Task Manager is not to provide detailed hardware information. That is what CPU-Z is for. There are all kinds of problems in obtaining this information and even programs like CPU-Z don't always get it right.

    Task Manager does provide hardware information that is deemed relevant to it's purpose and can be obtained without undue difficulty. It does not have access to BIOS configuration information so must rely on what can be read from the memory modules. The only reasonable alternative would be to not show the information at all.
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    If it's a limitation then why can other programs like CPU-Z, Speccy and AIDA64 tell me the correct speed and Windows can't? Doesn't Windows have access to the same information as these programs?
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    Obtaining the information that CPU-Z provides is a complex thing and prone to error. Among other things it requires a kernel driver. This would add considerable complexity to Task Manager and create issues with non admin users. And all to provide a few numbers which few people would care about and whose relevance to Task Manager's purpose is marginal. And there are already a wide variety of programs that provide this information and much more, CPU-Z being only one.

    Edit: Microsoft could have added this capability to Task Manager but for the above mentioned reasons chose not to. In my view it was a wise choice.
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    I see, but I don't quite understand why it seems random that for some users the correct frequency is shown while for others it is not. That's why I thought it was a bug because I've seen users with similar Corsair memory modules show the correct speed in Windows 10. Could it be that it is very specific to what ID the RAM use? Or what mainboard is used? I'm sure I saw them at 2133Mhz in the task manager when I first built this PC. I think it got stucked at 2800 once I started playing around with the X.M.Ps. As long as this doesn't causes any errors or issues in the future then I can put my mind at ease.
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    TairikuOkami said:
    Just ignore it. Task manager displays default info based on the info provided by the manufacturer, not real one.
    Not true, mine shows 2800 MHz in Task Manager, and it`s default speed is 2133, like most high speed ram.

    Faith, there is nothing wrong with having 2 XMP profiles, I bought 2666 and was quite happy when I saw 2800 along with 2666. :)

    Why don`t you just run it at 2800 MHz, there`s nothing wrong with having the voltage at 1.35, it`s totally normal. You have an X99 board and a 5820K, You should take full advantage of it.

    And I don`t see DDR4 or "other" anywhere in my shot, post a snip of yours.
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