I am putting back together my HUMPY DUMPTY computer which had a great fall. I have a new windows 10 install on a new hard drive (C). I am not doing any backups from old C drive as I had so many, many, many problems with windows 10 upgrades from win 7 so I am going new. I have some of my programs reloaded, WordPerfect, MS Office, Quicken, etc. They are working fine. I have two user accounts in windows, both admin. All seemed to be going well until I moved some old folders back onto the D: drive. C: is all of Disk 0 and the D: drive is part of Disk 1. On D drive I have some photos, music and assorted files from programs I moved over from the old D drive. Both internal disk drives are new. I as a user 1 account have had no trouble opening photos, playing music from all my internal and external sources. User 2 can use the programs on the C drive ok? But when user 2 tries to open a photo, music etc., User 2 gets; "the remote procedure call failed". Most of these files are down four to five folders. User 2 can work down until they reach the actual file to be opened, then the error shows up when the file tries to open.

I have read online it is a probable user account problem but nobody seems to know what the problem is. Some have said to change a couple services items, mine seemed to agree with that. Some have said to run DISM.

Anyone aware of or have had this problem, could use some help, most of these companies do not believe in that anymore.