Hi, i have a problem where windows lags whenever i open a newly installed or updated program/applications that are on another drive than my OS. This mostly happens when i download and install games through Steam(Cuz i do that very often), but it also happen to League of legends after update and other newly installed programs so i doubt it is steam. When i say lag in this situation i mean that the mouse, sound and windows in general becomes lagy.

I have 3 drives, Samsung 950 pro NVMe SSD for my os, samsung 850 evo SSD and WD black 3TB HDD.

I have checked the usage on the cpu and disk while it happens cpu is low and the disk is hige(on the HDD, but not os disk) and i have also checked the S.M.A.R.T status on all the drives and they have 0 errors/faults.

Anyone that have had this problem or have a idea what i could do?