Windows 10: Sluggishness for some reason Solved

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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1803 17134.48
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    Sluggishness for some reason

    Hi There

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit, 14393.447 Realitively clean install still (system reset done when Avast beta I tested a little 12.4.2281 crashed my user account) Really Sluggish when Running Defender scan and also using Secondife Firestorm viewer, seems with an AMD FX 8310 8 Core processor and 8gb of ram I should be able to mulitask and do both tasks at once or I would think

    (Should I do another clean install when I got time) Restoring from my system image right now may not work too well, my external enclosure with the drive in it has died, replacing that drive soon and doing a new system image, a and possibly backing up music to same drive if that's ok)

    Previous Antivirus installed was Avast Free 12.3.2280, (installed as force of habit before I decided I maybe better off just sticking with Defender, and Malwarebytes and Anti Exploit possibly) or I can stick with Avast Free til Creators update then do full system clean up then, I also figure when I get my first SSD less data writing to the SSD possibly by Defender, might be a good thing
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1709
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    So is it the enclosure that died or the drive in enclosure. Even store bought units can be opened and the drive extracted. If the drive is okay then you can get an enclosure that allows drives to be swapped and do a restore from there. (I would backup any special data before I attempted restore. Sounds like your music is something you want to protect.)

    Regarding putting music on same drive. You may wish to partition your backup HDD drive. You can put image in one partition and music in other. Not understanding exactly how you are configured, wouldn't your Image of "C" include your music? It sounds like you place your data in a different partition from the one you are Imaging?

    What are you using for "Imaging". This forum seems to recommend third party product for reliability.

    Regarding SSD, I've read lots of articles that say just use your SSD as a normal drive. Of course don't do defrag but this whole idea of keeping the writes low is history. The SSD firmware will manage wear.

    As to when to do a clean install I would think your 8 core processor with 8GB's should have no issues multi tasking. The Creators edition is months away so I would be undertaking a clean install now if you can't restore from image in enclosure. A pc like yours running sluggishly would drive me nuts.

    (I would also check out the Avast Uninstall tool to completely remove from system. Get it from Avast.)
    Last edited by Caledon Ken; 30 Nov 2016 at 10:18. Reason: added avast uninstall tool
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    Well Clean Install Done, Image drive in secondary enclosure didn't work too well, but it's older drive, so decided clean install best, Avast uninstall tool did use prior to experiencing the sluggishness, example was using Firestorm Viewer (Secondlife) and Defender in action center stated needed to run a scan, so I was like ok, will run it, as I figured well should have enough Processor and Memory to do both---Wrong, Secondlife started freezing, eventually whole system did.

    So far running better on clean install

    I use Macirum for Imaging and Create the Recovery Media

    A few clean up things to do yet after clean install, get mail readded to mail app, and such
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1709
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    If you use restore points you will want to ensure they are enabled. I've seen plenty of installs where they are shut off. Think I read it is the default in Win 10 but that may have changed with the 1607 version.

    You didn't mention if you store data on separate partition. Again you likely know this but under properties for your "Libraries" you can move them to another location, like a "D" drive. This will get you prepared for your SSD.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1803 17134.48
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    Currently No D: drive in the system, most music is stored on onedrive or external drive, same for pictures, Downloads stored on sdcard or flash drive. Will check on the restore points in a moment here

    System restore shows on currently
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1709
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    I saw from your system specs you have a 2TB drive. You can partition this into multiple drives. If you do partition I would set aside 250GB for OS and programs. Then you could have the rest of the 2 TB drive for data or even a partition to do Images too. Of course you would need a separate out of box Image for a real backup.

    Having multiple drives within one drive allows you to use some of the Windows 10 tools like "Reset" with the Remove everything option as your data is not on OS partition. Of course there is the hassle of re-installing programs and repointing the libraries. This also allows smaller Images as you are not backing up data, although you would have a separate strategy for data backups.
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    Ok will consider partioning aspect, Always hassle of reinstalling programs and repointing libraries no matter if do a clean install, image restore or Reset with Remove Everything option, Never partitioned large drive though, will have to readup on how to do it properly before I attempt to tackle it, normally just used all the space as on C:\ drive, and stored data on externals with some on the internal drive at times.
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    Windows has the tools but I haven't used them on a live, in use drive. I use Paragon. There are lots of free tools, Paragon and EaseUs are two.

    Experts here likely know of more or can recommend their favorites.
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    Yeah well right now guess won't worry too much on that at the moment, but will read up on it, and perhaps attempt portioning it after I have the SSD and this 2tb drive is strictly data at that point, with externals for backup/imaging purposes then
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