After the last major Windows update, I've started to experience abrnomally slow response for several basic Windows actions. The system will hang there for 5-10 or even 30+ seconds before the action is performed. Here are some examples:

  • Clicking to highlight a file, folder, or icon.
  • Clicking a text field, such as the Search field and address field
  • Typing in general
  • Notification windows - delay in displaying any content. Strange thing is that the buttons can be pressed even though they don't display.
  • Menu dropdowns delay in display
  • Menu bar hover popups and tooltips
  • Scrolling

These are things I've done already to eliminate potential causes:
  • Checked the Task Manager to make sure memory and CPU load are normal (they are).
  • Updated video driver.
  • Turned off Windows Defender
  • Turned of anti-virus
  • Disabled any overclocking of CPU and video card

Memory and processor-intensive software and games run normally.

Any ideas on what's causing this?