hello i'll try to describe this as best as i can sorry for my english,
i have build a new PC an msi x99 raider cpu i7 5820k 64gb ram and nvidia 1060 6gb and ssd disks on
my problem is that i have midi latency, i try to sync a modular synthesizer system and i discovered that the problem is on my pc it doesnt give a stable midi clock to sync with the modular...
for example i measure the bpm (with an e-rm multi clock) from different devices through Cubase DAW mainly but also with other DAWs and all hardware devices were ok but when i measured the clock that come from a usb of my mother board it doesnt give stable number to sync with the other devices.. for example it was supposed to clock at 150 bpm and it gave me 149 or higher than 150, the value were constantly changing..
why this is happening? any ideas how to resolve this.?
i really dont know what else to do..i have made 3 formats and installed all from scratch.
thanks in advanced