So I am really stuck, not realising that I didn't have my restore points turned on..which is frustrating as I had it from windows 7 when I updated..but anywho one of my hard drives crashed (not OS) but froze the computer and on restart I got this crazy flashing bellow is a video I made of what is happening. I left it overnight to see if anything but still was flashing

I have read through a lot of stuff about graphics cards drivers etc..so I've removed drivers, even tested with other Nivida Cards.

In safe mode and in command prompt I tried then SFC which failed then DISM but being not the latest version of Windows build I tried getting a matching WIM (older build of Win ISO) and still getting the not found error..so not sure where to go from here..surely there is gotta be a way to get passed it..its already in windows as I tried the windows + P and that came up and some accessibility stuff but thats it..alt+ctl+del not working..

Hope someone has figured this one out..thanks in advance

Windows 10 Flashing, Unable to fix - YouTube