Usually W10 works fine, get to password entry screen> enter password & Bingo, my desktop.
After the latest quite large update (May not be connected) entering my PW has become erratic.:
I can type it in but nothing shows in the box.
I can type it in and it seems to duplicate as there are far more digits than my PW.
I can type it in and windows report its incorrect.
There seems to be hangups which may be causing it but what is causing the hangups?
I have tried waiting after an error to see if it sorts itself out which it does do on occasions but I have needed to reboot a few times.
I have checked event viewer and have saved a log file that I hope I can upload here for someone who know what they are doing and can hopefully give me an ideal of what my be causing this. Sorry, but I have no idea what the log errors mean

Ohps upload states evtx is an invalid file.

I have copied it as a snippit and hope this may give you a clue.

Click image for larger version. 

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Once I have logged in its fine.

Thanks for your help. I will be away 12~19th Oct so will not be able to respond until my return.