Suprise Removed-1Tb WD harddrive disappeared

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    Suprise Removed-1Tb WD harddrive disappeared

    The activity was within Photoshop CC 2015.5, duplicated layers and applying object move. The .psd is a large file 450Mb and then I had duplicated a layer group so the size likely increased more. The Scratch Disk was the 1Tb Wd drive( Drive I) Photoshop stopped responding, did not have the words 'NOT Responding' but no response to mouse clicks. Closed it with Task Manager.
    I thought there might be remnants of this file edits in the scratch disk and that's when I discovered there was NO drive.
    The Event viewer reported Surprise Remove.
    I thought this only applied to USB

    Shut down and restart. That removed drive I reappeared and any content was intact.
    I am on the latest Win10 (222) and there is Distributed DCOM error1016 at start up since the Sept updates and now App Readiness Errors 10 and 214 after the last update Sept 30. Meanwhile the performance reliability graphic has been a level high positioned line all month and no record of this photoshop issue and surprise removed disk.

    By this time I had discovered that scratch disk contents are supposed to clear out. I just wondered what contributes to 'Surprise Remove' because I'm considering having a service tech check out the hardware in the desktop.
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    Here's a social.technet thread that addresses this issue in a general way, and may prove both informative and helpful.
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    Checked social.technet thread. The general consensus is that this occurs as an event report when a backup has initiated.
    A backup wasn't involved in my setting. The activity within Photoshop might have been intense but not beyond what has been done in previous compilations. Not many layers but large files so I increased the cache amount in the CC2015.5 preferences.
    Three days previous to this incident there was an instant shutdown during minimal activity-email only. Guess it would be called a crash but I don't get the blue screen so I used a Nirsoft tool to read the dump file. That report references ntoskrnl.exe at address ntoskrnl.exe+6ba3f7. Event viewer suggested a fatal hardware problem reported by the Processor Core -Cache Hierarchy Error -Processor APIC ID 6 and a repeat event with APIC ID 7 (WHEA logger)

    With printout report in hand went to a repair service and he didn't get too excited. These repair people seem to put little regard on the event viewer reports....seems to me. He did suggest I might be pushing the available resources from the processor but at that moment nothing much was going on. There was a lot going on when the scratch disk drive Surprise Removed.
    This repair center tech suggested I could replace processor, motherboard and likely ram. I questioned this in the context of Win10 registration. BUT if these major parts are beginning to go faulty after 4 yrs then there might be an argument for replacement. I hadn't considered that choice. I thought I was likely to be getting a new machine build.
    OF course these incidents popped up just after the updates which installed smoothly and then following the incident everything runs along as usual including the same errors in the Event Viewer.
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    Because of the way MS has changed Windows activation, you can use the activation troubleshooter, report "major hardware changes" and get automatically reactivated most of the time. Estimates I'm hearing are that maybe 5-10% of the automatic reactivations fail under these circumstances, and require a phone call to MS Support to get a reactivation sequence from them. Your odds are pretty good you can keep your license even if you do make major hardware changes.

    There's no doubt that some kind of hardware issues are afoot here. Have you tried looking into Reliability Monitor to see what errors it reports at the time of the surprise removal? This may shed some additional light on what happened. I'd be wary of swapping out a bunch of parts on an older rig, though: you'd be better off spending the same money on a new mobo, SSD, and graphics card to bring your hardware closer to currency -- at least, IMO. I'd be wary of repair techs suggesting major component swapouts. Get an estimate for the total bill, then use that as your budget to buy new instead. I'd have to imagine you'd be much better served by spending your hard earned cash in that way.

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    -new mobo, SSD, and graphics card to bring your hardware closer to currency
    The above is what I am investigating but not the SSD since a Samsung 250 was installed in June 2016 (before Win10)
    I looked in the Reliability Monitor and there was not ONE indication for the Surprise Remove activity.
    Its just because I have not had any incidents of this nature and then to have two within a few days put me back into 'alternative choices'. I had begun investigating a new build in June 2016 and then considered that doing the Win10 update was likely enough to be occupied with and I would wait. Perhaps not a good choice <grin>
    But I have replaced or added hardware over the time period so its only the main stuff that is the original therefore renovating seemed like a good idea. I haven't received a parts estimate so I have started nagging <grin>
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    Disk 2 Has been surprised removed AGAIN

    This issue of the storage internal WD 1Tb internal drive has returned again twice this month. I didn't notice the mid month incident but yesterday it was obvious.
    It appears to be associated with intense actions put to the drive.
    Yesterday was an integrity db check/backup and optimize Lightroom 6 catalog. This is a long process at the best of times . The backup appeared to go through all the steps and finished with a message that it couldn't write that backup.
    Drive 2 had disappeared.
    I repeated that backup using a different drive and it completed successfully.
    I moved any stored files off that drive to an external and all that moving and deleting were successful. Then I tried a defrag using the Piriform tool. Soon the defrag operation halted and it was the same routine. The drive disappeared.
    The 1Tb drive is now empty of files and I'll have to think about for what purpose it can be used.

    In the event viewer there is a message Reset device\device\Raid Port 0
    Many reports that Hard Disk 2 is not ready for access then Disk has been surprised removed. An extra info message includes that data could not be written at the time of the Lightroom backup plus a reference to Drive I:\SMft;

    I looked inside the case to check if cables were not firmly plugged in. Well, that is obviously an 'old days' thought since I couldn't find any cables associated with drives. This is also getting above my comfort level because it appeared that a drive would have to be pulled out to see if it had a connection.
    Since the system is not Intel, anything that I found connected to the event viewer words doesn't seem to apply and the current drivers listed in device management are in the 2011 year.

    I ran the chkdsk inspection (no fix and repair command) and the report was clean.
    The performance reliability chart only records that Lightroom.exe stopped working.

    Following up on the replacement of components idea the tech service guy's opinion was that there wasn't a high necessity to do replacements. His estimate was half the cost of a complete new build that I priced out in the summer.

    Intuition whispers to me that there must be something out of order and it would be handy to get words that I can use to tell this technician for guidance with an inspection. He doesn't have a positive response to the results in the Event Viewer

    I'm thinking to tell him 'Stress test this disk 2 and trace why it 'surprise removes'. Is this sufficient?
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    It seems both apt and called-for. Give it a try, and good luck with the results.
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    Just following up on this issue because the service shop finally got hard drive order in but not available to install until tomorrow. In the meantime I took the back off the case and just pushed on the sata cables into the drives. I did all in the stack because I couldn't identify the individual drives in the lower levels.
    They all had clips so I wasn't expecting any change of behaviour BUT there was a change. I did exactly the same activities backing up a large file or copying a large compressed file and the suspicious drive accepted and did not disappear. HWmonitor was displaying data about drives during these activities and heat was not high. Usual is 35 and during the activity two disks involved went to 40'C

    I cannot see the source insert (power/mb) since there is a 'wall of metal' covering that area.
    I'm back to thinking that the info traveling on those cables was interrupted.
    Now I have to tell the tech guy that replacing a hard drive might not be the solution since the condition doesn't exist at the moment.
    Fun stuff dealing with these 'mysterious' situations <grin>
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    Intermittent problems are always hardest to diagnose and fix. At least the status quo tilted in your favor. Could have been worse!
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