My laptop started taking extra long to wake from sleep mode immediately after upgrading to Windows 10. The problem has persisted for several months. Startup time seems normal, and the computer enters sleep mode quickly after shutting the screen. I always choose to receive updates automatically, so all updates, drivers, etc. should be up to date. There is no new software installed since the upgrade. What happens is when I open the laptop and strike a key, touch the touchpad, or move my wireless mouse, the light around the touchpad comes on, so I know the computer is trying to wake up, but the screen remains black for various amounts of time- sometimes only 30 seconds or so, but most of the time several minutes, until finally the lockscreen appears. I've checked to make sure the keyboard is set to wake the computer under Devices. I've searched for a solution, and although there are instances of people having the same problem, I have not found a solution. I've listed my system specs that I think would be pertinent. Thanks for any help regarding this issue.:)