Windows 10: 50sec until Log-on Screen shows Solved

  1.    14 Sep 2016 #1

    50sec until Log-on Screen shows

    In a Restart, PC needs 50sec until Log-On Screen shows.
    Is there a way to find out what is making this? Is there a sort of Trace with load Times to see that?

    My HDD is able to read 40MB/s sustained speed, that will mean that Windows is reading at least 2GB of Data! That is almost the whole OS!
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    Don't expect a miracle. That is a REALLY low end... idk I'd call it a netbook it's too weak to be a laptop. 1st, the HDD isn't the only thing that affects boot time. 2nd, the CPU (which also affects boot time) is really really weak. 3rd, just because it's MAX transfer speed is 40MB/s, doesn't mean it transfers that fast all the time. Drives rarely get close to their max read/write speeds. 4th, 40MB/s is awfully slow, most drives today operate at 6GB/s.

    I guess the first thing you should do is check to see if fast boot is enabled. You should also note that some updates will make the boot strap take longer (But only on the reboot immediately after the update, if this reboots like this EVERY time then that isn't your problem)
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  3.    14 Sep 2016 #3

    @ Carsomyr - Sorry, the Spec you see, is from other PC that I own.
    The PC I talking about has a i5-2,5GHz that should be more then enough.
    The HDD , around is 100 MB/s reported by WinSAT. The 40 MB/s is lowest I get transfereing large files.
    So, the HDD should also be enough to do the job.
    RAM I have 12Gb in Dual-Mode, WinSAT reports up to 24000 MB/s, that should also be enough.

    Fast Boot has only to do with a "Cold Start", has no influence on Restart´s.
    I have been trying everything I know, but no success in reducing that time.
    The only way is Analyzing all the Boot and for that I need some sort of Software.
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  4.    14 Sep 2016 #4

    Do me a favor then, run speccy and tell me the exact model of the CPU/HDD/Motherboard/RAM please. Also, I don't know how you could have 12 GB of RAM in a dual channel config? You would need 2 4GB sticks or 2 8 GB sticks as they have to be identical for dual channel to work?
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  5.    14 Sep 2016 #5

    It is a Laptop, and I have 1x8+1x4 Stick. In "old" times , for to have Dual Chanel you needed a pair of same sticks, in more "older" times they had to be same Batch, they were sold even in pairs and for "Dual Channel".
    Nowadays that is not necessary any longer, almost every combination is allowed at least on Intel Chipset.
    I am sure that is not Hardware related, I believe Windows is not liking very much some Software I have and is taking so long.
    So, I need a Logging of all Software that loaded and the time.
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  6.    14 Sep 2016 #6

    You said your problem is getting TO the login screen, none of your software loads til AFTER you log in. Yes Intel FLEX lets you mix and match ram sticks but it isn't perfect and the old matching sticks setup is the most reliable. Just because it is allowed doesn't mean it performs as well SO you could try using just one stick to see if it boots faster. You should also still check your fast boot options. Check if your bios has an adjustable timer for how long to let you hit your keys for bios entry. And also check your hdd to make sure it isn't fragmented or starting to wear out.
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  7.    14 Sep 2016 #7

    Yes, I will try with 1x4+1+4Gb that I have.
    I have not seem any issue, neither any performance difference between 1x8+1x4 and 1x4+1x4. Theres is a diference in Single Chanel Mode. I have tested all that combinations, and swapping Slots and in Dual / FLEX mode I have not any difference, although I did that testing in Win 8.1.

    The Laptop is 2 years Old and HDD is even newer, so there is concerns about it.

    What I have is WIndows Errors when I press "Shut Down" . Once they have pop-up they do not come again. Only after making changes or Uninstall Software, next "Shut Down" they come up again.
    Using Right Mouse to Shut Down there is Error Message Box - Explorer.exe - ......."could not be written in Memory Adress 0x(13x0)30"
    Using Left Mouse to Shut Down the Message Box says something like "DDE Server"....and also memory could not be writen.
    This errors I have never seen in Win 8.1, they just come up with AU Update and are present in 14393.187

    Besides this, I have created a Custom Event for the Performance of System.
    There are error, but I can not do anything with information, is useless for me.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails boot performance eror.jpg  
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  8.    14 Sep 2016 #8

    The problem is getting worst. I rebooted one time more with last mem conf and it took 70s until the Log-on.
    I changed mem to 1x4+1x4 now, rebooted 2 times, system needs 90s until to Log-on Screen.
    Before update to 105 the hole rebbot time was sustained 56s. With 105 is was changing to 70s.
    Now with 187 only to the Log-on screen, it takes 50-70-90 s.
    I have a bad feeling about this, I feel that OS is just smashing my HDD.
    I will solve this very quick. Go back to Win 8.1
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  9.    24 Sep 2016 #9

    Problem Solved.
    Now system 1607.187, takes 52s for the whole Restart, from BIOS Password until Desktop shows.
    I think the main Problem was related to the AccuWeather App, I had 2 of them in System, one was corrupted.
    This is a System upgraded from 8.1, maybe there are issues with "old" apps.
    I took a radical cure and removed All Apps from system: Apps - Uninstall in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    Reseted the Store with WSRESET.EXE
    Toubleshooted Store

    I also did a In-Place Upgrade to 1607, re-installed KB for 187, it was turning corrupted (Bluetooth was showing as Other Devices) so, I uninstalled the KB and reinstalled it.
    I removed all Additional Languages packages I had previously installed and reinstalled them.
    After that, I did a System Image and restored it.
    After Restoring, Windows at once was finding and deleting some corrupted folders/files located in System32\Catroot
    There was many errors related to "Search", with corrupted indexes but Windows corrected it automatically.
    Now system is running as expected.
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