So after an update last weekend, I just can't use my laptop.
I've got a laptop from Asus, ROG, gl552vw (sorry if the model is wrong)
My OS is win10 enterprise 64.

last weekend i've updated my laptop... BAD IDEA.
After 2 minutes being inside desktop (opening web browser and watching news, or even just TRYING TO OPEN the browser) the laptop is freezing. "windows stopped working, end process" . - when I'm clicking end process, it's freezes as well and my only option is to hard reset my laptop...

When I'm logging in with safe mode, everything is working well (exept the wifi...)
I've tried sfc and i've tried DISM command... even registry fix from ccleaner and really nothing works!

Now, trying to discover new things inside, I've tried the "diagnostics mode".. instead of going back to safe mode and now I'm stuck.
every time I'm trying to logon it's stuck on some loading background and can't click on nothing, except from hard reset....

What can i do? how do i change so I can logon with safemode again?

Pleaseee help me I don't like this windows at all.