I was having issues in mid July around the last update on the original Win 10 build. July 12th updates to be specific. Around that time I had some issues that could have been all kinds of possibilities (malware or hardware or just bad files) I went for a full clean install from a bootable usb that deleted partitions and created new ones. Everything was great and a few days later which was 2 days ago I decided to download the 14393 pre_release build that went to manufacturers. All is well no issues.

PC runs great. I can tell that RAM is managed much better on this version (1607) than the last Win 10. Restart and Boot are amazingly fast which was a lot of my problems pre 1607 Windows 10. When my issues were going on around mid July. Those 2 weeks I ran every test I could. I ran diagnostics, disk checks, etc etc to make sure my laptop was 100% on everyway. I'm not a expert but I would say I'm a intermediate to advanced user as I will never have to take a PC into the repair shop.

Now onto my questions. Prior to the anniversary update I tweaked every little thing I could to make my 3 year old Dell run amazing. So many tweaks I can't remember but not in a bone headed way. One adjustment I might have made last August and the next a week later. So a year later I have no idea what these were aside from the Beginner tweaks like startup programs, battery and performance settings. All the beginner noob basics I know.

It just seems like certain parts of the system just aren't snappy as I had them before. I don't know if its animations which I have that on performance or if its app loading. I know a good amount of stuff from Windows 8 transferred over and I made a good amount of registry adjustments to values. Seemed like I had a list of like 20 tips and most were just those simple adjustments but again this has been 1-2 years since doing/reading this stuff. startmenudelay or app loading times, times to close apps, the ones that made each thing windows does a little bit faster. It wasn't 1 adjustment or setting to change it all. But after a few weeks on the original Win 10 back a year ago I increased performance a good amount.

So if you guys have some guides, write-ups, tutorials, etc throw them my way. Please don't say turn off background apps or adjust startup programs, etc because I'm way past that point. That's something I take a look at all the time. The stuff I'm asking about is the set once and leave alone til the next clean install/new version.

Thanks in advance