Lowest Possible RAM usage?

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    Shouldn't we be looking for highest memory usage ? Idle states don't matter much for memory, temperatures etc. Anybody looking to lower memory usage should be looking at resident and autostart programs as well as drivers and memory leaks. Turning of (in BIOS) unused HW can save few bytes too. That may also save few CPU cycles.
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    LMiller7 said:
    If you are willing to open your mind to other ideas I will gladly explain further. Otherwise I see little point in continuing with this thread.
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    Shouldn't we be looking for highest memory usage ? Idle states don't matter much for memory, temperatures etc. Anybody looking to lower memory usage should be looking at resident and autostart programs as well as drivers and memory leaks. Turning of (in BIOS) unused HW can save few bytes too. That may also save few CPU cycles.
    Unused HW? like what? I'm using all my AICs lol.
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    Barman58 said:
    It is sometimes better to have at least a token paging file (say 256Mb), to ensure that all programs ran at optimum

    If I remember correctly, Windows processes crash dumps via the pagefile first; therefore, a pagefile must exist to accommodate the crash dump process. With that said, a fixed 400mb size should be adequate to process even the larger crash dumps so they can be read and evaluated from the permanent crash dump folder location at a later time. Other than that, I see no real use for a pagefile (provided you have an adequate amount of RAM). I have been running (essentially) without one since Windows XP without any issues. I have also noticed event viewer logs indicating a crash dump cannot be processed when the pagefile size is set to "0" (eg, no page file). Unfortunately I can't remember the Event ID. To the best of my knowledge, the requirement to have a small pagefile to process crash dumps is still valid.

    Lowest Possible RAM usage?-pagefile.jpg
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    Hi folks

    Windows like most other OS'es is perfectly capable of managing RAM for best performance --there's little point in a user trying to optimise this.

    Virtual Memory and demand paging algorithms have been around from as far back as the late 1960's and early 1970's with IBM's mainframe systems VS1 and OS/MVS so assuming your system has sufficient RAM the best solution is to leave this alone.

    There's over 50 years experience of people enhancing these types of algorithms so I doubt whether any casual user tweaking would do anything other than probably DEGRADE the algorithms. !!!

    What a USER can do is to ensure that not too many applications run concurrently, HDD's are the fastest available with the biggest cache sizes and applications behave properly. If you have things like Photoshop or Video editing stuff put scratch files on fast HDD like SDD's.

    You can shorten start up time (but if your OS is in an SDD the improvement is so minimal you won't probably even notice it) is to only ensure services you use (or the OS requires) are started at boot.

    IMO the biggest improvement most users can make to their systems (always assuming there's sufficient RAM --should be 4GB or more these days even on a small computer) is to go for the FASTEST HDD's you can afford and ensure these have a LARGE cache. If you must still use spinners get 7200 RPM ones - even laptop HDD's. slightly more expensive but performance is well worth while.

    HDD performance is the most overlooked area - I've seen people upgrade to an i7 CPU just to get OFFICE to run faster !!! when a better HDD even on an I3 Celeron would have yielded a better result. !!!

    Having the OS on an SSD is the best solution.

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    There's one thing that can be confusing. Some programs may throw "Not enough free memory" error while its apparent that there's plenty. It comes down just as some general type of error for lack of better words for it. It may be problem with program itself look at memory already addressed by something else. In some cases it can cause a BSOD with memory problems.
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    32 bit applications can only address 4GB of memory, even though you may have much more. So if the app itself starts using up memory, it will get out of memory conditions after only 4GB of usage (less actually, in most cases, but not to split hairs).
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    Found a culprit.

    Why is Cortana's process running even though I have her disabled? (via settings and GPEDIT.MSC)

    If I end her task she reappears almost instantly. Considering using my firewall to block her, although that's kind of a crappy solution.

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    OP - I am sorry to be a bit harsh here.

    There is a reason why you are a junior member - you do not have enough experience on this forum yet.

    You have been told many times here that you are not understanding the memory management and yet you persist in trying to solve a problem that you think is a problem but is not! Indeed you would make things worse.

    Your post about Cortana absolutely proves my point.

    Cortana is in two parts ie the core search engine, and the vocal user interface. You can disable the vocal interface but not the search engine part. People have removed Cortana completely and SCREWED things up - no search etc.

    So it is time you listen to the advice of people here which basically says leave things alone. If you cannot do that, go to another forum and stop wasting the time of knowledgeable people trying to advise you.
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    Are you equating forum rank with tech experience? Lol. Have to laugh at that.

    I do not care if the algorithm is good at managing memory. I do want to make Windows 10 as streamlined as possible. If that means i'm making it more inefficient or illogical, oh well. Nobody is forcing you or anyone to reply to me. This was meant to be a brainstorming session for people like me who want to ressurect XP in Windows 10 form.

    Software bloat IS a problem with Windows with each successive release becoming more and more resource intensive for no real gains. XP has been known to beat 7 and 10 in game benchmarks and benchmarks in general. Many overclockers have been known to use XP to get higher scores.

    To quote an anonymous gamer

    "I don't care how hot the GPU runs, or how much power it draws, I want it to play Crysis 3 at 4k at 60 fps -minimum-" (emphasis in original)


    I want RAM usage (resource usage as a whole, in fact) to be as low as possible at idle. Even if it is only for synthetic purposes with no real performance gain, even if it costs me functionality to get there.
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