Optimize OEM "Recovery" Partition on Schedule? Solved

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    Optimize OEM "Recovery" Partition on Schedule?


    Will Win10 automatically "optimize" my SSD "Recovery" drive on schedule?

    I have reviewed this excellent tutorial (Optimize Drives Schedule Settings - Change in Windows 10)
    The System Drive and Data Drive are being automatically optimized (TRIM for the SSD and defrag for the HDD) on schedule.
    And I have checked the settings to verify that the "WINRETools" partition on this OEM box is checked to be included.

    However, my screen shot looks very much like the one in the tutorial, showing that the "WINRETools" partition "needs optimization" but is not being optimized on schedule.

    1) Is that because the recovery partition is "hidden"?
    2) Is there a way to manually optimize it?
    3) Or should I leave it be?

    TIA again,

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    The partition never gets written to after it is initially created. Optimization on an SSD (also known as Trim) only affects the efficiency of writing to it, but does not affect reading from it. That is why it isn't needed to be performed on the recovery partition.

    There are two steps required for a cell location to be written to on an SSD. First the cell must be marked as obsolete (I don't know what the technical term is) when the data stored there is no longer required (such as when you delete or change a file). In order to save time during the process of deleting or changing a file, that is all that occurs initially. The second step is that the cell must actually be reset before it can be written to. Think of it as the difference between leaving a hotel room and preparing the hotel room for the next guest. The Trim function goes through and resets all the cells marked as obsolete so that they are immediately ready to receive new data.

    When you change the contents of a file on an SSD, the parts that are changed are actually written to new cells, and the old data is marked as obsolete. It is more efficient to just let those old cells build up and reset them all at once than it is to reset them one at time when they need to be written to.

    Since the recovery partition is not going to be written to very often (if ever after it is created), there is no need to reset the cells that might be marked as obsolete.
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    Thanks for quick reply.
    Your explanation makes perfect sense.
    And I was puzzled why Disk Optimization says that this disk "needs optimization", as it's a brand new system and the "WINRETOOLS" drive has never been accessed.

    I guess it is a bit of a "cosmetic" bug in Win10 that it reports that the drive "needs optimization" when it really does not?
    And it is a bit of a "functional" bug in Win10 that the utility says that the drive is included in the list of drives to be optimized, even though it really is not?

    OK, I will not lose any sleep over this one.
    Another of the many Win10 mysteries for this old Luddite.

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